Special Educational Needs (SENs)

Student Affairs Office Counselling and Student Support   Special Educational Needs (SENs)  

1. What is Special Educational Needs (SENs)?

The major types of Special Educational Needs (SENs) in Hong Kong include hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities, intellectual disability, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, speech and language impairment, as well as specific learning difficulties. (Education Bureau, 2022)

2. The Role of SAO

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) will coordinate with relevant academic and administrative units to provide appropriate support and services to accommodate students with SENs. Our staff would provide relevant information and make referrals on a case by case basis when necessary.

Students with SENs who have financial difficulties may also apply for the University bursaries or Student Financial Assistance Scheme.

In order to let us know how the University can accommodate your learning needs and situation, students with SENs are required to submit an application for University Support Services and Special Examination Arrangements to SAO as soon as possible.

For continuing students who have submitted the application for SEN support services to SAO before, we would assume the support measures, such as examination arrangements, to be given to you would remain unchanged. But students concerned are required to contact relevant course coordinator(s) to discuss the needs during the course of the studies.

3. Flow Chart

Application by Students

  1. For those who indicated SEN status on the Personal Particulars Form from the Student Records Team of Registry, please complete the application form online (Full-time students/Part-time students)* within 3 weeks after the start of the semester.
  2. If students wish to submit the form by hand, please click here (Full-time students/ Part-time students) to download the form.

*If there are any updates on your conditions, students concerned have to submit the online application form with supporting documents again for our record and handling.

Referrals by Faculty/

Administrative units

1.         Encourage students to approach SAO

2.         Email to sao_sen@hkmu.edu.hk for full-time students or dl_sen@hkmu.edu.hk for part-time students with student’s consent


Students are required to submit the medical proof(s) and/or supporting documents^ of the declared SEN.

In order to let us have more understanding of your background and needs, you are encouraged to transfer your SEN profile from the local Secondary School to HKMU SAO via the Special Education Management Information System (SEMIS). You may make a request to the Special Educational Need Coordinator (SENCO) at your Secondary School to activate the SEN profile transfer process. 


SAO SEN Support will verify the submitted documents and coordinate with relevant academic and administrative units to provide appropriate support and services to accommodate students’ special educational needs as far as possible.


After course registration, students should notify their Course Coordinator if you need special in-class arrangements and Mid-term examinations.

Registry will contact the student concerned for the accommodation plan about exam arrangements. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

^List of supporting document

  • HKEAA accommodation letter with details of Special arrangements you received in HKDSE
  • Accommodation letter from your home university/ secondary school with details of special arrangements you received
  • Psychologist’s report
  • Letter from medical practitioner
  • Statement of special education needs

4. Useful forms

Application for University Support Services and Special Examination Arrangements

Full time students: Apply here 

Part-time students: Apply here

Financial Aids

Full time students: HKMU Bursary Scheme Part time students: HKMU Student Financial Assistance Scheme

External Support Resources

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5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6. Contact us

Student typeContact information
Full-time studentssao_sen@hkmu.edu.hk
Part-time (Distance learning) studentsdl_sen@hkmu.edu.hk