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Application for OCA 2024/25 (2nd round)

The University co-ordinates with some private accommodation operators for the rental of some Off-campus Accommodations (OCA) to cater for non-local students who have a genuine need to live in Hong Kong on a user-pay principle.

As the residence is owned by accommodation operators outside HKMU, the availability, accommodation provisions, service level and pricing are subject to negotiation and are likely to vary on a yearly basis. The role of Student Affairs Office (SAO) is a facilitator to enable a smooth conclusion of the year-long tenancy commitment between the residents and the accommodation operators. Thus, OCA is very different from traditional student halls of residence owned by other universities.

To ensure the health and safety, the operators expect the residents will observe rules and regulations whereby SAO will help to facilitate the compliance.

We are now inviting applications from current full-time undergraduate non-local students for AY2024/25.

All active full-time undergraduate non-local students in AY2024/25 are eligible to apply.

OCA (Y83) - Operator: Y83

Room Type and Annual Accommodation Fees in AY24/25:
Single Occupancy in Double Room (Single beds or Bunk bed)*
HK$86,400 / year + HK$8,000 deposit

*The bed type will be randomly assigned

21 Aug 2024 – 30 Jul 2025 (both dates inclusive)
Check-out date: 31 July 2025

Applicants once accepting the offer, will enter into a year-long commitment. Moving out earlier than the end of the tenancy period will not be refunded.

Bed place allocation will be subject to availability. In case application number exceeds the quota of vacancy, the bed places will be assigned by lot drawing.

For current non-local students studying full-time undergraduate programmes
Submit Application by 10 May 2024, Friday

For new non-local applicants enrolling in full-time undergraduate programmes via NCEE Application
Please contact the Mainland and International Office for assistance (email:

For new non-local applicants/ current non-local students enrolling in full-time postgraduate/ research programmes
Please contact the Mainland and International Office for assistance (email:

For Current Students

Successful applicants should take note of the terms and conditions and must accept the offer by submitting the acceptance letter and paying a full accommodation fee and deposit by 14 May 2024.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the offer.

Roommate matching is based on the survey included in the acceptance letter.  SAO will make every effort to match students with similar lifestyle habits (sleep schedules, noise tolerance, etc.) 


Students can also nominate a same-sex roommate by specifying his/ her name and students number in the survey if both have accepted the same OCA offer.  Such roommate requests must be mutual.


SAO will strive to meet requests whenever possible; however, there is no guarantee that preferred/ nominated roommates will be paired.

If someone has rejected the offer, you will be notified by phone and email by 28 June 2024 when a bed place is available.

  1. Application approval is subject to the availability of bed places. Submission of the application form does not guarantee an offer.
  2. As bunk-beds are the prevailing provision in some room types, assignment to the upper or lower bed will take into consideration the physique of successful applicants. Subsequently, information of height and weight will be collected for the bed assignment purpose.
  3. Accommodation fees shall NOT be refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to the HKSAR Government's policies against the pandemic, undesirable roommate matching, withdrawal from university study and change of learning and teaching arrangements.
  4. The assignment of bed places for successful applicants will be at the sole discretion of SAO.
  5. Residents must be active full-time undergraduate non-local students in AY2024/25.  If a resident becomes inactive/ suspended in student status or he/she has withdrawn from his/her studies during tenancy period, he/she will not be eligible to reside in OCA and should move out immediately.  However, all fees paid except deposit, after deducting any cost incurred, will not be refunded.
  6. Residents shall commit to staying at the designated OCA for the whole tenancy period as stated in the application form.
  7. All OCAs have laid down rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of the residents and all successful applicants will have to agree that they understand the expectation and commit to complying when they accept the offer.
  8. In case of serious breach of any rule or regulation, the concerned resident's accommodation offer may be terminated immediately without any refund of accommodation fee. The University reserves the right to reallocate the vacated bed place afterwards.

To assist the Student Affairs Office to achieve the scope of service in OCA, we would invite applications for Residence Tutor Programme 2024/25 from students who have a keen interest to serve as Residence Tutors to provide assistance in OCA.  For more details, please click here.

The application will open in early-May 2024.

Student Affairs Office, Room 0626, 6/F, Block A, Main Campus



Important Dates

Monday, 29 April 2024
Open for Applications (For current students) - 2nd round
Monday, 29 April 2024
Friday, 10 May 2024
Application Deadline (For current students) - 2nd round
Friday, 10 May 2024
Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Deadline for Accepting Offer (For current students) - 2nd round
Deadline for submitting the acceptance letter and roommate matching survey
Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Early June 2024
Acknowledgement on Bed Place Allocation (For current students)
To be confirmed
Early June 2024
Early August 2024
Announcement on Final Bed Place Allocation
To be confirmed
Early August 2024
Wednesday, 21 August 2024
Check-in for OCA Residents in AY2024/25*
Wednesday, 21 August 2024
Late August 2024
Orientation Session*
* Compulsory
Late August 2024