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Peer Mentorship Scheme 2023/24
Mentee Recruitment

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) launched the Peer Mentorship Scheme (PMS) to recruit a group of senior students (Mentors) to help newly-admitted non-local students (Mentees) adapt to the University and to strengthen their sense of belonging and familiarity with their peers.

Based on academic background, personality and interests, mentors and mentees are matched before the commencement of 2023 Autumn Term. Throughout the Scheme, they will share their positive experiences with newcomers and assist mentees to explore their personal interests, overcome challenges and take advantage of campus resources.


Full-time undergraduate newly-admitted non-local students in Academic Year 2023/24


From Sep 2023 to Feb 2024


  1. Connect with your classmates and widen peer networks
  2. Get extensive information about campus resources and activities
  3. Receive wisdom and advice from senior students, while you have the freedom to make own decisions
  4. Have someone to care about you and to discuss your problems or concerns


  1. Take initiatives in keeping close contact with your mentor. Discuss your concerns with your mentor and share with your mentor both on your great or small success
  2. Suggest activities for promoting mentor-mentee relationships and actively participate in the agreed activities
  3. Make it a priority to meet with your mentor and be punctual to the gatherings
  4. Gather information and advice from your peer mentors or other available channels and find the most suitable solution for yourself.

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Application Deadline: 18 August 2023 (Friday)