Course Coordinators for Students with SEN and/or Disabilities

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Course Coordinators for Students with SENs

SAO SEN Support would inform the Course Coordinators in the beginning of each semester if there are students with SENs who enrolled their courses. Course Coordinators should follow the instruction to obtain the SEN student list from SAS. If the student could not be found on the list, please encourage the student to find SAO SEN support (FTUG:; PT/DL: for assistance. 

Course Coordinators can encourage the student with SENs to contact SAO SEN Support (FTUG:; PT/DL: for assistance. 

Course Coordinators/Lecturers/ Professors or other teaching staff are encouraged to carry out special in-class accommodation. After learning the situation from the student, you have the final rights to decide the in-class accommodation plan for the student with SEN needs.