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Four luminaries conferred Honorary
University Fellowships

This year, the University presented the Honorary University Fellowships to four distinguished personages in recognition of their devotion and conspicuous success to their fields and the whole community. The presentation ceremony was held on 3 November

Ms Yvonne Choi Ying-pik, GBS, JP

Ms Choi has made valuable contributions to Hong Kong's economic and trade development by taking up several important positions in the Government, including the former Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and Commissioner for Belt and Road. She also served on the University's Council for eight years, offering insightful advice to the University's development.

Dr Chung Wai-ping, BBS, MH, JP

Dr Chung, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tao Heung Holdings Limited, is highly acclaimed for his entrepreneurial spirit and generous support to the development of the catering industry of Hong Kong. Most notably, he put effort into the establishment of Tao Miao Institute and the launch of the first Chinese restaurant management course to help nurture talent in the industry.

Mr Raymond To Kwok-wai, BBS

Mr To is a master of the Hong Kong art scene, being a playwright, screenwriter as well as film and theatre director. He has contributed a variety of outstanding artwork and has earned numerous accolades in notable art events locally and internationally, including the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Screenplay and the Golden Horse Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Ms Gigi Tung Oi-lai

The compassionate heart of Ms Tung led her to set up the Bo Charity Foundation and initiate the Food Angel programme to provide meals and support for the elderly in need and grassroots families. She also organises various community service and education projects to further advocate the virtue of cherishing food and caring for the community.