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New facilities

for effective learning and favourable environment

The University is conscious of facilitating effective teaching, learning and research, and has been committed to enhancing campus facilities and equipment to provide students with a quality environment. Recently, the University put two new facilities into service before the start of the academic year.

Medical Science Laboratory

Located on the Main Campus, a brand new Medical Science Laboratory was opened in September, coinciding with the launch of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Medical Laboratory Science programme. The 7,000-square-foot laboratory is divided into five dedicated areas that support laboratory work, teaching and research in the five core disciplines of the programme, namely clinical haematology and transfusion science, clinical chemistry and immunology, medical microbiology, cellular pathology, and molecular diagnostics.

The programme aims to train qualified medical laboratory technologists and prepare graduates for medical laboratory work. The newly built laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory instruments widely used in hospitals to strengthen students’ pre-job training. The University also plans to develop it into Hong Kong’s first smart teaching medical science laboratory by incorporating advanced equipment such as a digital laboratory monitoring system, a robotic system and smart glasses.

Multifunctional gallery and exhibition area

Renovation of the Corridor of Learning, lift lobby and student amenity spaces on the ground floor of the Main Campus was also completed this summer. The space has been transformed into an exhibition area showcasing students’ achievements in creative arts, University development and student activities.

The new multifunctional gallery and exhibition space is equipped with overhead projectors, 4K LED panels, televisions and movable partitions. Among them, the versatile movable panels installed on both sides of the passage connecting the Cheng Yu Tung Building and the Kwok Tak Seng Building serve as large display screens along the lengthy corridor. These movable partitions can also be transformed into standalone exhibition panels or used to form temporary multifunctional rooms in the corner space of the Kwok Tak Seng Building. Since the completion of the renovation, a number of exhibitions and activities have been held in the area.