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Gaining diverse work experience through global internship programmes

Overseas internships are finally back in full swing! This summer, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) organised several new global internship and career-oriented programmes, allowing students to work in different cultures and explore different places.

HKMU Japan Internship Programme
Chan Lok-yi – Animation and Visual Effects

During the pre-training week, we attended lectures which helped us understand the current Japanese business environment and the business etiquette that we need to follow when working in Japanese companies. Local volunteers also joined our Japanese classes, which gave us a chance to put the newly learnt language to use when communicating with them.

This new programme placed 15 HKMU students at five companies in Fukuoka, including AEON Kyushu and Seiko Electronic, for three weeks,during which students completed an assigned business project. 

HKMU x The Bloom of Youth Global Summer Internship (Australia)

Chow Tsz-kei – English Language and Culture

I was invited by my supervisor and other educators to introduce some Hong Kong festivals and transportation to the children at a childcare centre. I also had the opportunity to build relationships with the children. Their enthusiasm and curiosity were infectious and I found myself learning as much from them. This internship gave me fruitful insight into early childhood education and provided me with the confidence to pursue a career in this field.

In collaboration with The Bloom of Youth, HKMU took ten students to English-speaking, multicultural Australia for a six-week internship in various industries. 

New York & Washington DC Exploration Program

Giann Ng Man-wai – Nursing (General Health Care)

The meeting with the director of Bank of China in the US left a lasting impression on me. Despite being a foreigner, he spoke fluent Mandarin! He told us that when he attended college in China, he promised himself not to make American friends. He fulfilled the promise, which had helped him master Mandarin. This encounter was a valuable lesson for me on the importance of commitment and perseverance in achieving one's goals.

The SAO organised a two-week career-oriented programme to give students a taste of the dynamic industries that fuel the US economy. In New York and Washington DC, students met with senior executives, career trainers and government officials and attended career sharing sessions, thereby gaining an idea of career options overseas.