MU Achievers Scheme

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MU Achievers Scheme

As the new semester begins, SAO is thrilled to recommend the “MU Achievers Scheme” to all of you! The Scheme will bring a series of exciting activities for Non-local students, focusing on five themes, to help you immerse yourselves in local culture and achieve personal growth.


Would you like to try minibus sign calligraphy and learn about traditional Hong Kong culture?

Do you want to know how to stand out in interviews and enhance your competitiveness in career development?

Are you eager to experience new sports, exercising with friends to maintain a healthy body?


Don’t hesitate! The “MU Achievers Scheme” is waiting for your participation. Let's spend a challenging and growth-filled semester together!


Targets and Rewards

Full-time Undergraduate Non-local Students participating in the activities of the Scheme can accumulate points to win “Achiever” title and attractive prizes. Here are the details:

Points Accumlated
Achiever Title
Reach 30 points
Beginner Achiever
Certificate of Commendation
Reach 50 points
Senior Achiever
Certificate of Commendation + HK$200 book coupon
Reach 70 points
Master Achiever
Certificate of Commendation + HK$400 book coupon
Reach 100 points
Crown Achiever
Certificate of Commendation + HK$800 book coupon

Coming Activities