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HKMU Entrance Scholarships

Good news! Full Entrance Scholarships!

Full scholarships will be granted for Physiotherapy new students whose summation scores of 4 HKDSE core subjects plus 1 best elective subject are 22 or above.

In subsequent years, a student with GPA of 3.5 or above will continue to get the full scholarship, while a student with GPA at or above 3.0 will get a scholarship equivalent to half of the payable tuition fee.

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HKMU Entrance Scholarships

HKDSE Star Scholarships

Starting from 2022, students who attain 5* and 5** in any subject of HKDSE and admitted to HKMU degree programmes through the JUPAS route will be awarded HK$40,000 HKDSE Star Scholarships for each subject.

Entrance Sports Scholarship

The HKMU Entrance Sports Scholarship aims to support the academic pursuit of sports talents and to cultivate sports spirits and a balanced whole person development in the University. New students with outstanding achievements in international, national or local sports competitions are eligible to apply. The value of each award is up to HK$120,000 and a complimentary place in University’s off-campus accommodation per year.

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Entrance Sports Scholarship


The HKMU offers Physiotherapy programme under SSSDP in the 2022/23 academic year.

JUPAS Code 2022/23 Maximum subsidy amount (HKD) Duration of study Type
4 years with Summer terms
Honours Degree

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