Students' Voice

Students' Voice

I choose to study physiotherapy because……

Nicholas, Year 2 HKMU Physiotherapy student

“I want to help people in need especially the elderly with hunched back and severe scoliosis and those persons with physical handicaps.”

Ling, Year 4 HKMU Physiotherapy student

“The demand for physiotherapists increases as primary care becomes popular.”

I enjoy studying in HKMU physiotherapy programme.

Clong, Year 4 HKMU Physiotherapy student

“We should keep updating our knowledge as we study physiotherapy. We can learn through the use of advanced equipment. The introduction of new facilities is even ahead of the industry.
As the HKMU physiotherapy department is located at the building same with other programmes in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, this allows shared use of the learning facilities. And, we can have chance of attending interprofessional lessons with students from other disciplines. Such opportunities enrich our exposure.”