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June 2024

Article of the Month

Investigation of the Energy-Saving Potential of Buildings with Radiative Roofs and Low-E Windows in China

Lin-Rui Jia, Qing-Yun Li, Jie Yang, Jie Han, Chi-Chung Lee, Jian-Heng Chen

This study develops a model for buildings with a cooling roof, walls, and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. This model is verified through experimental analysis. The cooling demands of standard buildings and cooling buildings are compared, and the energy-saving potentials of cooling buildings are analysed. It is found that compared to standard buildings, cooling buildings exhibit superior cooling performances attributable to the application of cooling materials. Considering Hong Kong’s weather data, the indoor temperature of cooling buildings can be sub-ambient. The cooling demands of cooling buildings are decreased from 75 W/m2 to 30 W/m2, indicating a 60% energy-saving potential. Overall, the results of this study show that cooling buildings have high energy-saving potential under various climates. The proposed model can provide a reliable tool to facilitate relevant cooling evaluation by stakeholders, thereby benefiting the popularization of this technology. This article was co-authored by Dr Tony LEE Chi-chung and Dr Crystal HAN Jie of School of Science and Technology, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Reconceptualizing the Digital Humanities in Asia : New Representations of Art, History and Culture

Kaby Wing-Sze Kung

This book examines new forms of representation that have changed our perception and interpretation of the humanities in an Asian, and digital, context. In analyzing written and visual texts, such as the use of digital technology and animation in different works of art originating from Asia, the authors demonstrate how literature, history, and culture are being redefined in spatialized relations amid the trend of digitization. Research studies on Asian animation are in short supply, and so this volume provides new and much needed insights into how art, literature, history, and culture can be presented in innovative ways in the Asian digital world. This book presents a novel contribution to the burgeoning field of the digital humanities by informing new forms of representation and interpretations, and demonstrating how digitization can influence and change cultural practices in Asia, and globally. It will be of interest to students and scholars interested in digitization from the full spectrum of humanities disciplines, including art, literature, film, music, visual culture, media, and animation, gaming, and Internet culture. This book was edited by Dr Kaby KUNG Wing-sze of School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU.

(Excerpt from Springer Nature)

Database of the Month

ICE Current Engineering Journals Collection

ICE Current Engineering Journals Collection provides content from ICE Publishing, the publishing division of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). It offers full text online access to 30 international peer-reviewed engineering journal titles from 2003 to current year. It includes the 18 titles of the internationally respected ICE Proceedings collection, each focus on a sub-discipline of civil engineering, plus highly cited leading research titles such as Géotechnique and Magazine of Concrete Research.

Student Works of the Month




(Excerpt from HKMU News Centre)

May 2024

Article of the Month

Co-Application of Sewage Sludge, Chinese Medicinal Herbal Residue and Biochar Attenuated Accumulation and Translocation of Antibiotics in Soils and Crops

Min Pan, Shing Him Lee, Liwen Luo, Xun Wen Chen, Yik Tung Sham

Sewage sludge (SL), Chinese medicinal herbal residues (CMHRs) and the raw materials of biochar (BC) are normally treated as wastes. However, SL, CMHRs and BC are potential candidates for soil amendments. The performances of soils amended with three different proportions (5%, 10% and 20% on a dry-weight basis) of SL-BC and SL-CMHR-BC in terms of ameliorating soil properties and attenuating antibiotics in soil–plant systems were investigated with two common crop species: carrot and lettuce. The amended soils in general showed higher nutrient levels than the control soils, and particularly for the 20% SL-CMHR-BC. The amended soils led to lower levels of antibiotics in the soils and crop tissues as compared with the control, with the 20% SL-CMHR-BC soils showing the most pronounced effect. Both SL-BC and SL-CMHR-BC were proven in the study as potential soil amendments for alleviating the environmental dispersal and human exposure risks of different antibiotics, and specifically 20% SL-CMHR-BC. This article was co-authored by Dr PAN Min of School of Science and Technology, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

On the Role and Assessment of Research at European Universities of Applied Sciences

José M. R. C. A. Santos

The relevance of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UASs) is growing in a world where practice-based learning and research are essential to meet societal development goals. Public policies for science, technology, and innovation must, therefore, account for an increasingly complex context where higher education institutions of varied shapes co-evolve. On the other hand, the increasing influence of international ranking systems and of bibliometric indicators calls for a critical revision of their adequacy to account for UASs ‘ key characteristics such as the importance of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches when tackling context-based challenges. This paper examines the roles of UASs in contemporary knowledge-intensive societies and critically addresses dominant research evaluation approaches.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

香港法律語言常見拉丁詞彙 = Common Latin Terms in Hong Kong Legal Language

鄒嘉彥, 錢志安



Database of the Month


Embase is a biomedical database that covers drugs, pharmacology, medical devices, clinical medicine, and basic science relevant to clinical medicine. It provides access to bibliographic citations of over 8,500 biomedical journal articles from more than 95 countries, along with 4.8 million conference abstracts from over 15,000 conferences. Additionally, it offers full-text indexing of drug, disease, and global medical device data.

Student Work of the Month




April 2024

Article of the Month

A Long-Term Study of Adverse Outcomes Associated With Oral Corticosteroid Use in COPD

Gary Tse, Benjamin Emmanuel, Cono Ariti, Mona Bafadhel, Alberto Papi, Victoria Carter, Jiandong Zhou, Derek Skinner, Xiao Xu, Hana Müllerová, David Price

Many patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have occasions when their symptoms suddenly worsen, called flare-ups or exacerbations. To treat flare-ups, doctors might prescribe a course of steroid tablets (oral corticosteroids or OCS for short). Doctors might also prescribe “rescue packs” containing OCS and antibiotics, to keep at home and start taking when needed. While OCS may speed up recovery from flare-ups, repeated use may have negative health effects. We studied effects of OCS use in patients with COPD, using anonymized electronic patient medical records in England. Most diagnoses, including diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease, and death, were more likely in patients who used OCS than those who never used OCS. Patients using larger amounts of OCS over time were generally more likely to experience diagnoses or die. These results show risks of using OCS, even occasionally, in patients with COPD. Flare-up prevention is important, for example with appropriate daily “maintenance” medication, vaccinations for infections, and quitting smoking, thereby reducing health effects from OCS use for flare-ups. This article was co-authored by Professor Gary TSE of School of Nursing and Health Studies, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article summary)

Book of the Month

再現嶺南 : 香港非物質文化遺產的地域文化



(摘錄自一本My Book One網上書店)

Database of the Month


SciVal is a web-based research performance assessment tool that allows the analysis of data from Scopus, which indexes international peer-reviewed scholarly publications. Users can identify and analyse emerging topics in a research area, track collaboration patterns, analyse research performance and conduct analysis by benchmarking against other similar local and international institutions.

Student Work of the Month

突破的價值 = The value of breakthroughs



March 2024

Article of the Month

Bilingual exposure might enhance L1 development in Cantonese–English bilingual autistic children: Evidence from the production of focus

Haoyan Ge, Albert Kwing Lok Lee, Hoi Kwan Yuen, Fang Liu, Virginia Yip

This study investigated bilingualism effects on the production of focus in 5- to 9-year-old Cantonese–English bilingual autistic children's L1 Cantonese, compared to their monolingual autistic peers as well as monolingual and bilingual typically developing children matched in nonverbal IQ, working memory, receptive vocabulary and maternal education. The results from an elicitation task showed that monolingual autistic children had significantly lower accuracy than typically developing children in producing focus in subject and object positions. Bilingual autistic children in general performed similarly to monolingual autistic children but outperformed their monolingual autistic peers in the production of object focus with a significantly higher accuracy. The total amount of English exposure did not relate to the accuracy of focus production in autistic and typically developing children. The results also revealed autistic children's tendency to make use of less prosodic means to produce focus. The overall findings indicate that bilingual exposure has no detrimental effect on the language skills of autistic children but might enhance the production of focus in bilingual autistic children's L1 Cantonese. This article was co-authored by Dr GE Haoyan of School of Education and Languages, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

緣身記 : 一位女教授的七十七場哲學沉思



(Excerpt from HyRead)

Database of the Month


UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical decision support database. It provides peer-reviewed clinical resource by expert physicians and provides options for diagnosis and management, including the efficacy, doses, and interactions of individual drugs, increasing users' clinical knowledge and improving patient care.

Student Work of the Month

商場如戰場 = Warmart




February 2024

Article of the Month

Development of a portable, microwell-based, smartphone-assisted colorimetric device to measure the activities of anaerobic digestion

Jian Lin Chen, Yanhao Miao, Qidi Sun, Yung-Kang Peng, Guozhu Mao, Wanqing Dai, Cui Tang and Jiayu Chen

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a complex process that can be severely impacted by a range of toxicants found in wastewater, leading to system failure. To prevent this, monitoring key process indicators is crucial, but current methods have limitations in terms of response time and reliability. To address this challenge, we propose an innovative solution for ex situ monitoring of biotoxicity in AD using a paper-microwell-based and smartphone-assisted colorimetric analytical device. This device demonstrated its ability to identify the presence of toxicants and provide a quick response time, making it a promising technology for monitoring toxicity incidents in real-time in AD processes. With its low cost, portability, and reliability, this innovative technology has the potential to contribute to the prevention of system failure caused by toxicants in AD processes. The analytical greenness metric approach (AGREE) proposes this paper-based analytical device as a greener alternative for measuring anaerobic digestion activities compared to traditional methods such as biochemical methane potential and chemical oxygen demand. This article was co-authored by Dr CHEN Jianlin of School of Science and Technology, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Revolution

Miltiadis D. Lytras, Kwok Tai Chui and Ryan Wen Liu

The advent of Internet of Things offers a scalable and seamless connection of physical objects, including human beings and devices. This, along with artificial intelligence, has moved transportation towards becoming intelligent transportation. This book is a collection of eleven articles that have served as examples of the success of internet of things and artificial intelligence deployment in transportation research. Topics include collision avoidance for surface ships, indoor localization, vehicle authentication, traffic signal control, path-planning of unmanned ships, driver drowsiness and stress detection, vehicle density estimation, maritime vessel flow forecast, and vehicle license plate recognition. This book was co-edited by Dr John CHUI Kwok-tai of School of Science and Technology, HKMU.

(Excerpt from Amazon)

Database of the Month

Net Languages

The Library has subscribed to 7 online courses from Net Languages including English Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Practice, IELTS Exam Preparation, English for Work, Methodology for English and Medical English for Health Professionals. In all parts of the courses there are explanations, exercises, tips and practice materials.

Student Work of the Month

蒿里遊 (預告片) = Granny (trailer)



January 2024

Article of the Month

學術大數據(scholarly big data)與詞學研究的開拓-以20世紀前半期詞籍注釋為中心


隨著網路普及、網路速度提升、各地圖書館聯網進一步互通,加上攝影、掃瞄、圖像顯示等技術改善等,傳統的書目檢索漸漸進化成立體的數位典藏。不同的數位典藏合起來建構成學術大數據(scholarly big data),其兼收並蓄的特點,突破個別數位典藏的限制,這不但有利於保存及傳播研究成果,也有助開拓研究的新可能,特別適合一些年分跨度大,涉及文本多的研究課題。近年發展的一些以20 世紀前半期書籍與報刊為主題的學術大數據,收錄大量詞學研究成果,為研究當時的詞學發展提供了新的方向。20 世紀前半期詞學發展興盛,詞籍注釋出版成果尤其豐碩。可惜,這些注釋類書籍多被視為輔助閱讀的工具,學術界對之不夠重視。隨時代變遷,一般圖書館更甚少收藏。本文應用學術大數據,全面研究20 世紀前半期的詞籍注釋,考掘出不少罕見版本,例如王璠《校箋漱玉集》、楊鐵夫《夢窗詞選箋釋》(1932 年初版)及余謇《唐宋詞選注集評》等等,並藉此探討了其對清代詞學「寄託」與「守律」思想的承傳和轉化。此文章為香港都會大學人文社會科學院助理教授曾智聰博士的研究成果。

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Women We Love : Femininities and the Korean Wave

SooJin Lee, Kate Korroch, Liew Kai Khiun

This title is an edited volume exploring femininities in and around the Korean Wave since 2000. While studies on the Korean Wave are abundant, there is a dearth of thought put toward the female-identifying stars, characters, and fans who shape and lead this crucial cultural movement. This collection of essays is one of the first works to focus on gender and the key female actors of this global phenomenon. Using “women” as an inclusive term extending to all those who self-define as women, this volume examines the role of women in K-pop and K-drama industries and fandom spaces, encompassing crucial intersectional topics such as queering of gender, dissemination of media, and fan culture. This book was co-edited by Dr LIEW Kai Khiun of School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU.

(Excerpt from Hong Kong University Press)

Database of the Month


Passport provides statistics on industrial and sector market sizes for more than 200 countries. It also contains demographic, economic, marketing and consumer lifestyle statistics of countries worldwide. Full-text materials include consumer market reports, company profiles, sector briefings, industrial market reports and consumer lifestyle reports.

Student Work of the Month

讀文教學《梅西與紅母雞》 : 創意寫作教學活動



December 2023

Article of the Month

3D architectural MXene-based composite films for stealth terahertz electromagnetic interference shielding performance

Vaskuri C. S. Theja, Dani S. Assi, Hongli Huang, Raghad Saud Alsulami, Bao Jie Chen, Chi Hou Chan, Chan-Hung Shek, Vaithinathan Karthikeyan, Vellaisamy A. L. Roy

The terahertz frequency range is gaining popularity in security, stealth technology, and the future 6G network communication. For the control of severe terahertz electromagnetic interference (EMI) pollution, frequency-selective stealth-capable shielding materials are being explored to mask terahertz signals. For the realization of masking terahertz signals, the robustness, lightweight, and shape-conformable materials with excellent terahertz EMI shielding/absorption are crucial. The study reports the fabrication of 3D symmetric pyramidal architectural MXene composite films with frequency-selective stealth performance characteristics via the facile drop casting method. The investigation will open a new direction toward developing terahertz EMI shielding thin films with easy integration into any surface for stealth capabilities. This article was co-authored by Prof. Roy VELLAISAMY Arul Lenus of School of Science and Technology, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Conjugal relationships in Chinese culture: Sino-Western discourses and aesthetics on marriage

Chi Sum Garfield Lau, Kelly Kar Yue Chan

This book reviews the presentation of conjugal relationships in Chinese culture and their perception in the West. It explores the ways in which the act of marriage is represented/misrepresented in different literary genres, as well as in cultural adaptations. It looks at the gendered characteristics at play that affect conjugal relationships in Chinese societal practices more widely. It also distinguishes between the essential features that give rise to nuptial arrangements from the Chinese perspective, looking at what in which Sino and/or Western mentalities differ in terms of notions of autonomy in marriage. It excavates the extent to which marriage is constituted in forms of transaction between female and male bodies and asks under what circumstances wedding ceremonies constitute archetypal or counter-archetypal notions in pre-modern and modern society. Co-edited by Dr Garfield LAU Chi-sum and Dr Kelly CHAN Kar-yue of School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU, this book serves to revisit the cultural connections between marriage and various art forms, including literature, film, theatre, and other adaptations.

(Excerpt from EBSCOhost)

Database of the Month

WisersOne 慧科新聞資料庫

WisersOne provides electronic news clippings from the newspapers and journals in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau as well as worldwide news portals and industry-focused websites.

Student Work of the Month




November 2023

Article of the Month

Consumers’ continuance intention to use fitness and health apps: an integration of the expectation–confirmation model and investment model

Dr Bryan CHIU Weisheng

This study aimed to explore consumers’ continuance intention to use a fitness and health app by applying two theoretical models: the expectation–confirmation model (ECM) and the investment model (IM). Results revealed that users' continuance intention was significantly predicted by the two models. Within the ECM, the positive and significant relationships among variables were found. Moreover, users' satisfaction and investment size had positive impacts on their commitment, which, in turn, positively affected the intentions. Also, confirmation of expectations had a positive impact on investment size. The integrated models helps better understand fitness and health app users' decision-making process from the perspective of relationship commitment and suggests practical implications for health and fitness app providers. This article was co-authored by Dr Bryan CHIU Weisheng of Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Chinese creative writing studies

Dr Rebecca LEUNG Mo-ling

This book introduces Chinese creative writing to the English-speaking world, considering various aspects of literary and creative theories in research in Chinese writing. It covers recent trends such as cross-media practices, pedagogy in creative writing in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, specifically, and looks at how Chinese classical culture brings new interpretations to creative writing within a global context. It unpacks the interaction between Chinese creative writing and multimedia and ascertains the possibilities of incorporating media studies into writing practices. It also presents new interpretations of Chinese classical culture assets to new creative or literary manuscripts, such as TV series adaptation and Internet literature. Relevant to researchers, teachers, and students working Chinese creative writing and Chinese literature, it is also a landmark text in exposing English-speaking creative writing scholars to the wealth of Chinese creative writing, in English. This book was edited by Dr Rebecca LEUNG Mo-ling of School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU.

(Excerpt from EBSCOhost)

Database of the Month

Digital Theatre+

Digital Theatre+ provides online access to a digital streaming video collection of unique films of current, leading British theatre productions. Includes behind-the-scenes documentaries as well as teaching and learning resources to facilitate a deeper understanding of the productions and texts. Learning resources include a detailed introduction, plot summary, character biographies, a relationship map, language analysis, scene study, performance background and historical context for each play.

Student Work of the Month

TANG Shing-kwong, CHENG Wing-ho, LAI Chi-wai, LEE Siu-lun

十年前情人節前夕,是二人相識的起點,為了追求對方,二人不約而同製作了「它」,在 情人節當日互相送上給對方,開始經歷他們十年感情。 今年是他們十週年,也是「它」十週年,女主角反思自己與男主角的感情路上是否因為失去熱戀而走到終點。因為「它」的再次出現,喚醒女主角其實男主角只是為了他們感情路上的未來,在往後他們也會再經歷第二個,第三個,第四個十週年。此作品榮獲香港公開大學創意藝術畢業展2021年創意藝術大奬。

October 2023

Article of the Month

The 'Smart City' between urban narrative and empty signifier: Hong Kong in focus

Alistair Cole, Dionysios Stivas, Emilie Tran, Calvin Lai

The article consists in an in-depth interpretative study of Smart City in the case of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, China. It proposes a framework of analysis as a heuristic tool to interpret narratives in general and those of Smart City Hong Kong in particular. The capacity of a narrative to confer meaning draws upon three criteria: its originality (degree of endogeneity); its sincerity (internal validity and trustworthiness), and its extension (its ability to provide a convincing account to the outside world for social phenomena). They are also affected by the form of diffusion and communication. Four types of account emerged from the empirical investigation: survey responses; written responses from official agencies; face to face interviews; and collective interviews in focus groups. By reconstituting chains of meaning in relation to the Smart City, the article interrogates the utility of technology, sustainability and e-governance narratives for public administration. Taken as a whole, Smart City appears as a rather hollow narrative, an empty signifier, a general term lacking clear meaning. This article was co-authored by Dr Emilie TRAN of School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month




(Excerpt from 手民出版社)

Database of the Month

哈佛商業評論 : 影音知識庫及哈佛商業評論全球繁體中文版資料庫


Student Work of the Month

Visually impaired assistant with neural network and image recognition

Arthur On Chun Liu, Shun Ki Li, Liqi Yan

Graduates from the Internet Technology programme of the School of Science and Technology participated in the 17th Final Year Project (FYP) Competition organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Hong Kong (IEEE HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter earlier, which is one of the most representative competition in the field. They seized the championship with their FYP project titled “Visually Impaired Assistant with Neural Network and Image Recognition”. Their outstanding performance and creativity were recognized by the professionals of this industry. They were invited to present their research achievements in the online finalist presentation.

September 2023

Article of the Month

Provision of refugia and seeding with native bivalves can enhance biodiversity on vertical seawalls

Thea E. Bradford, Juan C. Astudillo, Edward T.C. Lau, Matthew J. Perkins, Chi C. Lo, Tom C.H. Li, Chung S. Lam, Terence P.T. Ng, Elisabeth M.A. Strain, Peter D. Steinberg, Kenneth M.Y. Leung

Recent studies have suggested that increasing habitat complexity of artificial seawalls by modifying surface heterogeneity could enhance exploitable habitat and therefore species richness and abundance. The research tested the effects of adding complex tiles (with crevices/ledges) of different heterogeneity (i.e., flat tiles resembling the seawall vs. tiles with crevices of 2.5 cm or 5.0 cm depth) and seeding with native rock oysters, Saccostrea cuccullata (unseeded vs. seeded) on species richness and abundances of intertidal marine organisms on two vertical seawalls in Hong Kong. Tiles were affixed to the mid-intertidal zone of the seawalls for 12 months. The results showed that the tiles with crevices had greater species richness and cover of sessile epifauna than flat tiles. Seeding tiles with S. cuccullata also facilitated natural recruitment of the same species. The results support the hypothesis that using eco-engineering to increase habitat complexity can enhance the biodiversity of intertidal marine organisms on seawalls.

The collaborative project “eco-tile” of Dr Juan Carlos ASTUDILLO PLACENCIA, Assistant Professor in the School of Science and Technology, has won a number of international awards.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Metaphor, metonymy, the body and the environment

Jeannette Littlemore, Marianna Bolognesi, Nina Julich-Warpakowski, Chung-hong Danny Leung, Paula Perez Sobrino

By exploring the associations that people make between emotions and colours, looking at how they vary across languages, and exploring the explanations that people provide for the associations that they make, this Element provides insight into the ways in which humans express emotions through colour, and the reasons why they do so. Metaphoric (and metonymic) language and thought play a key role on several levels in the formation of emotion–colour associations, interacting with physical, environmental and social factors. A strong metaphorical connection between the valence of the emotion and the lightness of the colours with which it is associated, and between the intensity of an emotion and the saturation level of the colours with which it is associated is found. However, the strength of this association varies according to the linguistic background of the speaker, and the gender in which the emotion is presented. This book was co-authored by Dr Danny LEUNG, Associate Professor of the School of Education and Languages

(Excerpt from

Database of the Month

Academic Video Online : Premium

Includes every kind of material available with curricular relevance: documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and newsreels, field recordings, commercials, and raw footage. Provides thousands of award-winning films, including Academy, Emmy, and Peabody winners, and the most frequently used films for classroom instruction, plus newly released films and previously unavailable archival material. Delivers more than 50,000 video titles spanning essential subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more.

August 2023

Article of the Month

Enriching the User Experience in Social Messaging: Emotion in Communication Design

Amic G. Ho

Different research had been developed recently with a focus on user experience design. It explores how design outcomes could be easily motivated by users' responses and creates pleasant and positive user experience for users in consumption. Emotion is found as an important role in users experience and it is important to manipulate emotions in designing the design outcome which can elicit users' pleasant emotions. As a result, scholars would like to develop a better system to understand how the user experience could be further enriched and optimized in “user-orientated” approach which is believed to elicit the emotion of users. Among these design aspects, not much research has explored how emotion could apply in visual/graphic design to carry out its corresponding functions in user experience design of instant messaging application. This paper explores how emotion could apply in communication design in enriching the user experience design of instant messaging apps.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month


陳曙光, 何志恒, 施仲謀主編

有見及此,香港教育大學中國語言學系出版《文言經典與文化教學實踐新探》,共收錄了15 篇各地學者的研究成果,從不同方面探討文言經典的價值以及研究有效的施教方法。當中〈民國報刊中的香港傳統抒情文體作為教材之研究——以中國語文科「建議篇章」為構建框架〉一文為香港都會大學教育及語文學院張燕珠博士的研究成果。


Database of the Month


A web-based online service on China's news, business, legal and statistical information. It offers access to a number of full-text Chinese language databases covering a wide range of information such as: business news from leading local newspapers; business journals and government survey reports; news and reports of publicly listed companies; contact and background information of companies; statistical data from national & provincial statistical yearbooks; China central and municipal laws and regulations; structure and functions of Chinese government agencies; and biographies on leading government officials and famous personalities.

July 2023

Article of the Month

Transculturalism, transformation and the visual arts in contemporary British women’s poetry

Antony Huen

This article establishes the works of women poets in the UK, especially those of non-white and mixed-race ancestries, as major players in poetic ekphrasis. Ekphrasis has been defined as 'the verbal representation of a visual representation' (Heffernan 3). Building on the critical studies of the ekphrases by twentieth-century women poets, this article recognizes the increasingly multicultural landscape of contemporary British ekphrastic poetry and engages in detailed studies of the ekphrastic poems from Grace Nichols's Picasso, I Want My Face Back (2009) and Pascale Petit's What the Water Gave Me: Poems after Frida Kahlo (2010). The two case studies demonstrate how women poets of non-white and mixed-race ancestries return to engaging with art from a diasporic perspective or art from a foreign culture and to exploring the potential and limits of art as a life-, self- and trauma-transmuting agent. The article simultaneously reveals the diverse purposes of ekphrasis in contemporary poetry, as seen in the ekphrastic practices of Nichols, Petit and other women poets.

(Excerpt from the article abstract)

Book of the Month

Coping with chronic illness and disability : theoretical, empirical, and clinical aspects

Erin Martz; Hanoch Livneh

This book synthesizes the expanding literature on coping styles and strategies by analyzing how individuals with CID face challenges, find and use their strengths, and alter their environment to fit their life-changing realities. The book includes up-to-date information on coping with high-profile conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injury, in-depth coverage of HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, and severe mental illness, and more.

(Excerpt from

Database of the Month



June 2023

Articles of the Month





(Excerpt from HKMU homepage)

Multi-generational perspectives on the competencies required of first-line nurse managers: a phenomenological study

Pin-Pin Choi; Suet-Shan Wong; Wai-Man Lee; Mei-Ha Tiu

This paper aimed to elucidate multi-generational perspectives on the competencies required of first-line nurse managers based on their lived experiences and perceptions, as well as those of frontline nurses. Its findings indicate that each generation of nurses has its distinct features and values and that each generation's views of what constitutes the required competencies of first-line nurse managers are contradictory to those of other generations. These differences should prompt hospital administrators and nurse educators to reassess the best strategies for supporting existing and future nurse leaders. First-line nurse managers also need to reflect on their current practices in leading a multi-generational nursing workforce.

(Excerpt from the abstract and conclusion of the article)

Book of the Month

Asia in the old and new Cold Wars: ideologies, narratives, and lived experiences

Kenneth Paul Tan

Through critical analysis of newspaper and magazine articles, films, novels, art exhibits, museums, and other commemorative sites that engage with the themes of conflict, violence, trauma, displacement, marginalization, ecology, and identity, the book provides rich and diverse perspectives on the complex relationship between the historic Cold War and its legacies on the one hand and, on the other, their impact on Asia, its plural histories and peoples, and their shifting identities, ideological beliefs, and lived experiences. Chapter 7, with the title “China's health diplomacy in the “New-Cold-War” Era: contrasting the battle of narratives in Europe and the Middle East and North Africa”, was co-authored by Dr Emilie TRAN of School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU.

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SciFindern is a research discovery tool that allows college students and faculty to access a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science. It provides access to journal and patent citations as well as information of more than 54 million chemical substances and 39 million reactions related to biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science and agricultural science.

May 2023

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Outage Performance and AoI Minimization of HARQ-IR-RIS Aided IoT Networks

Zheng Shi; Hong Wang; Yaru Fu; Xinrong Ye; Guanghua Yang; Shaodan Ma

In this paper, reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) and hybrid automatic repeat request with incremental redundancy (HARQ-IR) are amalgamated to lower power expenditure, shorten latency and strengthen reliability of the internet of things (IoT) communications. By considering Rician fading channels and multiple RISs, the outage probability of single-input single-output (SISO) HARQ-IR-RIS aided IoT networks is derived in closed-form, with which the asymptotic outage analysis is carried out. The asymptotic results are further extended to single-input multiple-output (SIMO)/multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) HARQ-IR-RIS aided IoT networks by using random matrix theory. Thereafter, the asymptotic expressions are invoked to reduce the design complexity of the phase shifts, transmit powers, and rate, which aims at minimizing the age of information (AoI) while ensuring the power and outage constraints. Particularly, the optimal phase shifts are firstly determined. The alternating optimization technique is then applied to solve the transmit rate and powers, which are iteratively updated based on majorization-minimization (MM) principle and geometric programming (GP) approximation, respectively. The numerical results consequently corroborate our theoretical analysis. More interestingly, the HARQ-IR-aided scheme with fixed power is found to provide a comparable performance as the proposed scheme with variable power especially for numerous reflecting elements at RIS.

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PressReader provides online access to over 7,000 local, regional and international newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries in 60 languages and displayed in their original format. You can filter the newspapers and magazines by country, language, or title.

April 2023

Article of the Month

ChatGPT – Reshaping medical education and clinical management

Khan, Rehan Ahmed; Jawaid, Masood; Khan, Aymen Rehan; Sajjad, Madiha

Artificial Intelligence is no more the talk of the fiction read in novels or seen in movies. It has been making inroads slowly and gradually in medical education and clinical management of patients apart from all other walks of life. Recently, chatbots particularly ChatGPT, were developed and trained, using a huge amount of textual data from the internet. This has made a significant impact on our approach in medical science. Though there are benefits of this new technology, a lot of caution is required for its use.

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Molecular biology: principles of genome function

Craig, Nancy Lynn

Molecular Biology: Principles of Genome Function offers a fresh, distinctive approach to the teaching of molecular biology. It is an approach that reflects the challenge of teaching a subject that is in many ways unrecognizable from the molecular biology of the 20th century — a discipline in which our understanding has advanced immeasurably, but about which many questions remain to be answered.

Molecular Biology responds to this challenge with Experimental Approach panels, which branch off from the text in a clearly-signposted way. These panels describe pieces of research that have been undertaken, and which have been particularly valuable in elucidating different aspects of molecular biology. Each panel is carefully cross-referenced to the discussion of key molecular biology tools and techniques, which are presented in a dedicated chapter at the end of the book.

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ClinicalKey for Nursing

The database is a clinical reference platform providing information including evidence-based nursing monographs, books, journals, practice guidelines and core measures with nursing recommendations.

March 2023

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Cathy McAtee, DNP, ACNPC-BC, CNE

Hypertension is a major cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide and contributes significantly to the progression of heart failure, renal failure, peripheral arterial disease, and stroke in the adult population. Nearly one in three adults is affected. Hypertension is the second leading cause of kidney disease and can develop as a result of having kidney disease. Hypertension has also been implicated as the causative factor in at least 75% of all heart failure cases. Despite recent advances in awareness and treatment, only half of the population in the United States has blood pressure (BP) readings that are considered well controlled. According to recent research, hypertension is the highest-ranking modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular deaths in the United States. Globally, hypertension is the leading cause of death in adults. A socioeconomic disparity has also been identified in low-to-middle-income countries (LMIC) where there is a reduction both in awareness and treatment.

Key points:

  • Hypertension is a global threat to health and is a major contributor to hypertension mediated organ damage such as heart failure, kidney failure, peripheral arterial disease and stroke.
  • Hypertension is vastly underdiagnosed and undertreated, even in high income developed countries worldwide.
  • Non-pharmacological lifestyle changes are crucial to the prevention and treatment of hypertension.
  • Pharmacological therapies that are available are safe and effective for the prevention of the progression of heart failure, kidney failure, peripheral arterial disease.

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中風|逾1/4港人血壓高 錯過黃金時機恐中風 專家教揀4大降血壓藥

護理及健康學院高級講師 朱賢文博士



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Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing

Hinkle, Janice L. Cheever, Kerry H.; Overbaugh, Kristen J.

Keeping tomorrow's nurses at the forefront of today's changing healthcare environment, Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, 15th Edition delivers the most comprehensive resource available for nursing students in the medical-surgical course. This bestselling text is designed for the way students like to learn, combining a highly readable approach with engaging case studies and learning tools to help students explore essential patient care practices in real-world terms and gain a more practical understanding of how they'll apply what they've learned in practice.

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WIND金融終端 (WIND Financial Terminal) and WIND經濟數據庫 (WIND Economic Database)

WIND 金融終端提供中國金融市場數據與資訊,覆蓋股票、債券、基金、指數、權證、商品期貨、外匯、宏觀行業等多項品種。WIND 經濟數據庫則整合了海量的宏觀和行業數據,並配合強大的指標計算和圖形功能,是經濟學家、宏觀分析師、策略分析師行業研究員的宏觀行業數據分析工具。

February 2023

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Heavy metals in the “plastisphere” of marine microplastics: adsorption mechanisms and composite risk

Yuan Liu, Kai Zhang, Shaopeng Xu, Meng Yan, Danyang Tao, Luoluo Chen, Yong Wei, Chenxi Wu, Guijian Liu, Paul K.S. Lam

Heavy metals that are adhered to the surfaces of microplastics in the natural marine environment pose potential threats to marine life. However, little is known about their adsorption mechanisms and composite risks. This study collected seawater, suspended particulate matter (SPM), plankton, and microplastic samples from the waters surrounding Hong Kong, established a method for analyzing 13 heavy metals in the plastisphere, and explored the extrinsic and intrinsic sources of the heavy metals by analyzing natural matrices (seawater, SPM, and plankton) and anthropogenic plastics.


  • Heavy metals in the plastisphere were significantly affected by SPM and plankton.
  • Some polymer types contained extremely high concentrations of Cd, Pb, and Zn.
  • Composite risk assessment method was established for heavy metal and microplastic.
  • Specific surface area of microplastic could be a vital link for risk assessment.

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Web of Science

It covers the published literature from the significant conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions in all scientific and technical fields and all fields of social sciences, arts, and humanities.