2023 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education

12–14 July 2023

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Hong Kong SAR, China

About the Conference

Openness and innovation are major trends in contemporary education, influencing the whole spectrum of education institutions across the globe. Technological advancement and breakthroughs are bringing about a paradigm shift in contemporary education. Modes of learning and teaching are becoming more open and innovative in terms of time, space, curriculum contents, organization, pedagogical methods, infrastructure and requirements. These changes take place virtually in all institutions (offering conventional, online and/or open courses). With this background, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) organizes the annual conferences on open and innovative education with the following aims to:

  • provide a platform for sharing quality research, effective practices and well-formulated views relevant to open and innovative education;
  • facilitate networking and cross-institutional collaboration among researchers and educators in fields of educational innovation and/or openness; and
  • promote studies and advancements in open and innovative education.

Building on the successes of the conference series in nine previous years, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the conference. The 2023 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2023) will be held at Hong Kong Metropolitan University on 12–14 July 2023. It will explore relevant key issues, with a special focus on the innovative pedagogical mode: agile-blended learning.

1st day and 2nd day in parallel with the Symposium on Agile-Blended Learning

Participants of ICOIE 2023 will automatically be eligible to attend all sessions of the symposium. No further registration is needed.

Conference Committee

Chair:K C LISchool of Open Learning, HKMU
Vice-chairs:Eva Y M TSANGOffice for Advancement of Learning and Teaching, HKMU
Philips F L WANGSchool of Science and Technology, HKMU
Members:Venus W M CHANSchool of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU
Simon K S CHEUNGInformation Technology Office, HKMU
Samuel P M CHOILee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, HKMU
Doris Y K CHONGSchool of Nursing and Health Studies, HKMU
Jimmy X D KANGSchool of Science and Technology, HKMU
Cindy M F LAMSchool of Education and Languages, HKMU
Queenie P S LAWSchool of Nursing and Health Studies, HKMU
Patrick C W LEESchool of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU
William K W TANGSchool of Education and Languages, HKMU
Billy T M WONGInstitute for Research in Open and Innovative Education, HKMU
Manfred M F WUInstitute for Research in Open and Innovative Education, HKMU
International scholars will be invited
Call for Abstracts or Papers

Conference Publications

Accepted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings (with an ISBN). Special issues of the following journals will be devoted to selected papers of the Conference. The journals include International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation (ESCI and Scopus listed), Interactive Technology and Smart Education (ESCI and Scopus listed), Innovation and Technology in Education” Section of SN Computer Science (Scopus listed), Electronics (SCI listed) and Frontiers in Education (ESCI and Scopus listed).

Important Dates

19 Feb 2023
Abstract submission deadline
19 Feb 2023
3 Mar 2023
Notification of abstract acceptance
3 Mar 2023
26 March 2023
Full paper submission deadline
26 March 2023
11 Apr 2023
Notification of paper acceptance
11 Apr 2023
14 May 2023
Early-bird registration deadline
14 May 2023
12–14 July 2023
Conference dates
12–14 July 2023

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