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BA (Hons) in Computing and Interactive Entertainment


The 2-year fulltime-mode Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Computing and Interactive Entertainment (BAHCIEF) programme is jointly offered by the Computing Programme Team of the School of Science and Technology and the Creative Arts Team of the School of Arts and Social Sciences. It aims to produce graduates to be computing professionals with training in creative interactive content and innovative users experience design.

creative media student

BA (Hons) in Creative Advertising and Media Design

4-year curriculum, Bachelors degree, full time, senior year entry

The programme aims at providing students with a critical framework to cope with the ever-developing media and endless new possibilities in modern advertising design. Through four years of study, students will acquire knowledge and technical skills in different aspects of media production, which will pave their way to becoming producers and project managers in the industry.

creative writing student

BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Film Arts


The “Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts” is a programme focusing on training creative talents for Hong Kong's cultural industries, especially in filmmaking, advertising, creative writing and publishing. Students will learn various aspects of the creative industries and related practices. Courses offered include creative/literary writing, screenwriting, film history, film studies, film production, publication, advertising, broadcasting, radio play and drama.

animation student

BFA (Hons) in Animation and Visual Effects


This is a 4-year programme offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences. In this programme, students will learn and apply the arts and crafts of animation, motion graphics and digital visual effects with a view to preparing themselves for advanced work in animation and other related fields. Facilities include a drawing studio, two new animation computer laboratories and one animation studio.

cinematic design student

BFA (Hons) in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art


Visual communication has become a critical part of contemporary culture. Photographic imaging is now the new force fueling the rapid expansion of media industry. This programme offers an education in both cinematic and photographic art and design with an emphasis on creativity and the development of a signature style.

image design student

BFA (Hons) in Imaging Design and Digital Art


The IDDA programme aims to provide an articulated ground for imaging design and digital art with visual exploration. Students will gain in-depth knowledge and skills with conceptual frameworks in professional practices. They will be nurtured in an environment that opens to new ideas and creative possibilities. These provide graduates with competency in shaping the fast-changing nature of digital art within the contemporary context of imaging design.

MA in Creative Industries and Cultural Assets


Developing the cultural and creative industries is now a key agenda throughout the world, whereas tangible and intangible cultural assets continue to contribute to the cultural and creative vitality of a place. This Master programme uniquely connects the fields of creative industries and cultural assets, and is designed to acquaint students with a broad range of creative and cultural resources, in order for them to develop an interdisciplinary, critical and integrated understanding of the fields as an edge.

MA in Creative Writing

Master degree, face-to-face, 2 years part time, 1 year full time

The Master of Arts in Creative Writing  (MACW) programme aims at strengthening students' knowledge and skills in cultural and creative industries and providing students the opportunity to develop professional writing skills in different genres and media forms for careers in the creative industries, including film, advertisement, visual art and digital media.