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Programme Outline

Programme TitleBA (Hons) in Computing and Interactive Entertainment
Programme CodeBAHCIEF
Mode of StudyFull Time
Number of Credits85 Credits
Normal Period of Study2 years


The 2-year fulltime-mode Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Computing and Interactive Entertainment (BAHCIEF) programme is jointly offered by the Computing Programme Team of the School of Science and Technology and the Creative Arts Team of the School of Arts and Social Sciences. It aims to produce graduates to be computing professionals with training in creative interactive content and innovative users experience design. The graduates should be competent software developers with expertise in user experience enhancement through creative content, animation, media production, and computational intelligence. They should have problem solving skills to apply their competencies in various domains.
This joint programme is in partnership of the Creative Arts and the Computing Programme Teams of the HKMU. The Creative Arts Team of the School of Arts and Social Sciences is renowned for their range of SSSDP programmes, state-of-the-art studios/laboratories, and quality graduates produced for the creative and entertainment industries in Hong Kong. The Computing Programme Team of the School of Science and Technology produces the most number of graduates among local Computing departments and her graduates are widely appreciated for their good practical software development skills.
This is a unique programme that has brought in two highly sought-after areas together.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)


Students admitted into the programme suite should have fundamental knowledge and skills in computing and programming, and should also have acquired sufficient language competence and general education knowledge in their Higher Diploma or Associate Degree programmes.

On successful completion of the BAHCIEF programme, students should be able to:
(a)  Utilize computer programming for problems solving and software development;
(b)Demonstrate artistic creation proficiency in the application and production of creative content;
(c)Analyze problems critically and formulate solutions with techniques in computing and creative arts;
(d)Perform competently the work of a professional in computing and interactive entertainment;
(e)Apply software engineering processes for developing software solutions based on computing and interactive entertainment;
(f)Engage effectively in projects involving the integration of techniques in computing and the production of creative artworks.

Programme Structure

The 2-year programme consists of courses in computing and creative arts areas. There are also project courses to facilitate students to integrate knowledge and skills from the two areas.
Students should complete 85 credits as follows:
Core Courses in Creative Arts and Media Production35
Core Courses in Computing and User Experience Design25
Courses in Software Development20
English Enhancement Courses5
The final year project course COMPS496F provides an opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge and high-level thinking process in a research and development project or an advanced software development project.
Other Activities: In addition to the development of technical knowledge and skills, students are expected to develop their soft skills such as teamwork and communication. Students are encouraged to participate in various contests, seminars, and workshops for sharpening their competitiveness.
Core Courses in Creative Arts and Media Production
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
CAMD A300FNew Media Culture5
AMVE A307BFVisual Communication and Storytelling5
AMVE A308BFMedia and Animation Production10
AMVE A309BFMedia Management for Interactive Entertainment5
AMVE A310BFSound Design and Visual Effects10

Core Courses in Computing and User Experience Design

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
IT S290FHuman Computer Interaction & User Experience Design5
COMP S390FCreative Programming for Games5
COMP S413FApplication Design and Development for Mobile Devices5
COMP S496FInteractive Application Project10

Courses in Software Development
20 Credits from the following courses and the inclusion of COMPS350F and COMPS351F is mandatory.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
COMP S202FJava Programming Fundamentals5
COMP S203FIntermediate Java Programming and User Interface Design5
COMP S312FJava Application Development5
COMP S350FSoftware Engineering5
COMP S351FSoftware Project Management5
COMP S492FMachine Learning5
English Language Enhancement Course
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
Course List5 Credits of English Language Enhancement Course5

Career and Further Studies


Graduates are qualified to work as software developers or other entry-level roles with demand in front-end expertise as well as various roles in the interactive entertainment industry. The training received by the graduates would allow them to continuously develop their technical skills in selected areas. They would also acquire skills and knowledge of the business and industrial world beneficial for possible future promotion to a managerial or leadership position.

Programme Website

For further information, please visit the programme website

Admission Requirements


Applicants who have a recognized Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree of  which the curriculum should include training in programming and information technology.

For Application procedures, please refer to Non-JUPAS Local Application Procedures

Programme Team


Dr. LAI Chi Fu William


Assistant Professor
Programme Leader, BA (Hons) in Computing and Interactive Entertainment


Dr. Hui Tak Cheung Issac

Senior Lecturer


Mr. LI Xiaoqiao

Senior Lecturer


Mr. TIN Lai Man


Senior Lecturer


Dr. WAN Chi Kwong Bruce

Senior Lecturer


Mr. Chan Chun Ting Vincent

Assistant Lecturer


Mr. CHENG Pak Yeung

Teaching Assistant


Mr. MA Ho Yin Felix

Teaching Assistant



Ms. LAU Sin Yee Berry


Assistant Academic Support Officer,
BFA (Hons) in Animation & Visual Effects
BA (Hons) in Computing & Interactive Entertainment