A-Team 學生培訓計劃

李兆基商業管理學院 學生發展 A-Team 學生培訓計劃

A-Team 學生培訓計劃

A-Team 學生培訓計劃為全日制商科精英學生設計一系列工作坊、研討會及培訓活動,以發展他們的潛能。這項計劃協助學生掌握多元化技能,發揮獨特優勢,為將來投身瞬息萬變的商業社會作好準備。本學院通過此計劃,栽培一群關係緊密的精英學生成為未來商界領袖。














Experience Sharing by A-Team Member

I have been a member of the A-Team Student Development Programme since my second year. As a member of the A-Team, the School and my professional mentor encourage us not only to excel academically, but also to focus on opportunities outside of the classroom. The programme has given me the opportunity to develop as a business student. Through the programme, I have had the chance to participate in a number of networking events and external competitions.

In the past two years I attended events held by HSBC, PwC, CPA and the Financial Services Development Council. This has allowed me to meet like-minded business students from other universities and industry leading professionals. I found these experiences to be tremendously helpful in terms of developing my career path.

I have also participated in many competitions as an A-Team member. I received a huge amount of support from various mentors and professors. This enhanced my success in numerous local and international competitions including winning the best overall return in the IEEE/GeS Second Computational Finance Competition in 2018, being selected as one of the top 68 global finalists in the National Investment Banking Competition in 2018/2019, and becoming one of the top 15 finalists in the EquitySim: Asia Pacific Investment Challenge in 2019.

Overall, I would say that the A-Team Student Development Programme has been an integral part of my success in university life. Ultimately it was the networking opportunities and the support provided from various A-Team professors and mentors that gave me the knowledge to successfully earn a summer internship offer from Credit Suisse.