A-Team Student Development Programme

Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration Student Development A-Team Student Development Programme

A-Team Student Development Programme

The A-Team Student Development Programme is designed for elite full-time business students. It develops their talents and potential through a series of workshops, seminars and training sessions. Students are offered with valuable mentoring and skill enhancement opportunities which provide them with a distinct competitive edge in the ever-changing business world. Through this programme, the School nurtures a tight-knit group of elite students and coaches them to become future business leaders.

Develop Soft Skills

Nurture the Cream of the Elites

Realize Students' Potential to Achieve Transcendence

Build up Confidence

Establish Bonding among Students and between Staff and Students

Open up Scholarship Opportunities beyond Academic Achievement

Integrated Skills Enhancement Programme

This programme develops students into aspiring leaders by a series of workshops on interpersonal skills, social etiquette, image building and personal grooming. Students establish connections with seasoned business professionals as their mentors. From them, students obtain guidance and advice on study, career planning and personal enhancement.

Reaching out to the Community

This programme engages students in volunteers training workshops and community-related activities. It provides them with opportunities to reach out to the community and also strengthens their abilities to connect and contribute locally and globally.

Transcending via Competitive Challenges

This programme provides all-round training to students to enhance their skills and prepare them for the challenges of the dynamic business world. These skills, for example, report writing and presentation skills, are essential for their future career. Besides, students will develop their innovative ideas and put what they have learnt into practice by engaging in external business-related competitions.

Experience Sharing by A-Team Member

I have been a member of the A-Team Student Development Programme since my second year. As a member of the A-Team, the School and my professional mentor encourage us not only to excel academically, but also to focus on opportunities outside of the classroom. The programme has given me the opportunity to develop as a business student. Through the programme, I have had the chance to participate in a number of networking events and external competitions.

In the past two years I attended events held by HSBC, PwC, CPA and the Financial Services Development Council. This has allowed me to meet like-minded business students from other universities and industry leading professionals. I found these experiences to be tremendously helpful in terms of developing my career path.

I have also participated in many competitions as an A-Team member. I received a huge amount of support from various mentors and professors. This enhanced my success in numerous local and international competitions including winning the best overall return in the IEEE/GeS Second Computational Finance Competition in 2018, being selected as one of the top 68 global finalists in the National Investment Banking Competition in 2018/2019, and becoming one of the top 15 finalists in the EquitySim: Asia Pacific Investment Challenge in 2019.

Overall, I would say that the A-Team Student Development Programme has been an integral part of my success in university life. Ultimately it was the networking opportunities and the support provided from various A-Team professors and mentors that gave me the knowledge to successfully earn a summer internship offer from Credit Suisse.