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Unforgettable experiences from shooting educational videos

Having run a number of service learning projects in collaboration with the School of Arts and Social Sciences in the last academic year, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) has set about recruiting more students to take on service challenges. One recent project involved filming short videos on financial management for primary school students. Divided into four teams, 16 students from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, and the School of Education and Languages worked with four groups of child actors, each team tasked with a video on a sub-topic. Before the actual filming and production, which spanned from May to August 2021, the participants were taught practical skills in technical workshops on script writing, video shooting and post-production. In addition to hands-on experience, they were left with many unforgettable takeaways …

Poker Pang Yat-fu

Creative Advertising and Media Design
Family first

One day when we were done shooting, we took our little actors to the supermarket for a free choice of two snack items as rewards. But one of the  children decided to put down her snack and changed it for a pack of laundry detergent after some thoughts. At that moment all her schoolmates thought she was trying to be funny, but I saw no trace of humour on her face. She must have put her family’s needs before her own snack cravings. I was impressed by her maturity and felt urged to care for my own family too.

Chiu Man-ki

Animation and Visual Effects

The unpredictability of work
involving people

As an animation student, I initially thought it wouldn't be too complicated to produce a film with real people. Yet we faced a lot of challenges when it came to the actual shooting. For example, forgetting to hire a single lens would be enough to delay the shooting schedule. Fortunately for us, the equipment store was open on the morning of that particular shooting day. Progress also depended on the actors' performance — say when our actors couldn't manage some of the lines or actions, we had to make adjustments on the spot, without changing so much as to compromise the quality of the final product. This project has taught me that work involving people is full of unpredictability, and requires a lot of thoughtfulness and patience.

Li Tsun-hang

Creative Advertising and Media Design

A lesson on 'spending wisely'

The theme of our video was 'spending wisely', and we literally learned a lesson about that in the process of hiring shooting equipment! Under a tight schedule, we had forgotten to check the prices at different stores and paid the shop before making sure it was a fair deal. We've experienced first-hand the consequences of shopping without  planning, and learned that we must ask for advice before hiring any equipment.

Tina Wu Yi-ting

Language Studies and Translation

First-time leader

This was my last university project. Before that I rarely had an opportunity to lead a group, so I wasn't very confident to start with — in fact I’ve always doubted my own abilities. However, in the process, I found that I could indeed understand my groupmates' needs and difficulties and build a good rapport with them. This experience was for me an important breakthrough as well as a confidence booster.

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