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Enhancing learning and teaching
— HKMU's top priority


Four major service areas

The transition from the OUHK to Hong Kong Metropolitan University is more than just a change in names — it comes with a renewed commitment to quality education. As President Prof. Paul Lam pledged at the launch ceremony of HKMU, enhancing learning and teaching will sit at the top of the University's agenda. Prior to that, the Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching (ALTO) had made a fresh start on 1 August 2021, in an effort to centralize learning and teaching enhancement initiatives.

In fact, the predecessor of ALTO — the Educational Technology and Development Unit — had specialized in the development of course materials and educational technology for a long time. Dr Eva Tsang, Director of Advancement of Learning and Teaching, explains, 'ALTO has grown and transformed with the University to take on broader responsibilities. Today, we are working closely with the academic Schools and other departments to serve staff and students in four major areas.'

Showcase of recent and new initiatives

Launched in 2017, iBookcase is an all-in-one app that integrates mobile-friendly course materials, multimedia components, interactive exercises and innovative learning tools. It is linked to many other in-house mobile learning apps and tools and is synchronized with the Online Learning Environment. To ensure that students benefit from this HKMU essential, this year, all year-one undergraduate students are provided with an iPad, enabling them to enjoy learning anytime and anywhere.
Global Immersion Programme e-books

The Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration's Global Immersion Programme is offered with French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish electives, and these e-books are tailored accordingly with multimedia cultural resources, audio dialogues by native speakers and interactive language learning activities.


Language Enhancement e-books
These e-books are designed with two themes: English for Effective Communication and Business Communication for Executives. Different scenarios and topics are introduced to help students improve communication skills in everyday life and professional contexts.



This year, HKMU is launching a new e-Portfolio system to document students' participation in co-/extracurricular activities, which are deemed essential to their personal and professional growth.

Learning and Teaching Week

The week before school started, ALTO brought teaching staff a series of seminars and sharing sessions by experienced colleagues and overseas guest speakers which included curriculum design, giving feedback, interactive teaching, assessment strategies, online teaching tools and so forth. Students were also presented with game booths for experiencing HKMU's in-house mobile learning apps and a variety of Learning for Success Workshops organized by the Student Affairs Office.