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launches into new era

After more than two years of exploration, consultation and preparation, the University was finally officially renamed as Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) on 1 September 2021! On the day, current and former leaders of the University joined to announce the historic launch of the new title. The officiating party included Pro-Chancellor Dr the Hon Charles Lee, Council Chairman Mr Michael Wong, Deputy Council Chairman Ir Dr Conrad Wong, Treasurer Mr Peter Wan, President Prof. Paul Lam, founding Council Chairman Dr Cheng Hon-kwan, former Council Chairmen Dr Peter Wong and Dr Eddy Fong, and Emeritus President Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong. 'Hong Kong Metropolitan University' signifies a much broader, flexible identity that is no longer restricted by a single mode of education. With the new name, HKMU is poised to embrace the bold vision of developing all kinds of innovative programmes as society sees fit. Prof. Paul Lam set the immediate goals very clear for the University: one, to provide students with a top-notch education; two, to help students build meaningful careers; and three, to nurture students to become respectable citizens committed to the social good. But this is by no means a parting with history. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mr Michael Wong reaffirmed HKMU's unwavering commitment to 'Education for All'. 'We've been Hong Kong's primary provider of open and distance learning for 32 years, and as such we are a leader in the field,' he said. 'We are certainly not going to step back from this vital role.' Putting words into action, the University launched a brand new School of Open Learning on the same day it took on the HKMU title, with a new Dean taking care of the specific needs of distance learners. The HKMU name also incorporates the University's traditional ties with the wider community. The new logo, formed with the linked letters of 'M' and 'U', connotes connectivity between 'me' and 'you', or HKMU students and everyone in the metropolis and beyond. To this end, the University is furthering its long-standing community initiatives. It has just presented a new series of the educational programme Knowledge for All on TVB Pearl and a new Talk of the Metropolis public lecture series on campus, for example. Read on to find out more about these and other efforts HKMU has been making in contribution to education and to the common good.