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6 Jun 2024

Innovative student project on building inspection snatches awards in three competitions

Four students from the School of Science and Technology (S&T) formed a team to participate in the IFMA Inter-Institutional Competition on Best Facility Management Project Presentation 2024 organised by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Hong Kong Chapter. The team made it to the final round and won the Platinum Award, the highest prize, among seven finalist teams from six local universities or institutions....

3 May 2024

HKMU Tower Crane Safety Monitoring and Management System wins Silver Medal at Geneva invention exhibition

A Sensor-based Tower Crane Safety Monitoring and Management System, the latest invention by the Department of Construction and Quality Management of the School of Science and Technology, has been presented with a Silver Medal at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva....

30 Apr 2024

Director of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution Prof. Kenneth Leung shares his insights on ecological conservation with the innovative “eco-engineered structures” at “Talk of the Metropolis”

Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) invited Prof. Kenneth Leung Mei-yee, Dean of the School of Energy and Environment and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution at City University of Hong Kong, as guest speaker to share the innovative eco-engineering project for supporting the implementation of eco-shorelines, which he led in developing....

2 Apr 2024

HKMU's research on a “3-in-1 Soil” formulation significantly reduces antibiotic levels and antibiotic resistance genes in soil and mitigates pollution in the terrestrial environment

Pollution caused by antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. They can affect the ecosystem and be transferred to specific soilborne plant pathogens through horizontal gene transfer, thus entering the food chain and endangering human health...

7 Jan 2024

HKMU holds the first Hong Kong Symposium of Laboratory Medicine to kick off its 35th anniversary celebrations

The inaugural Hong Kong Symposium of Laboratory Medicine, organised by Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) in collaboration with the Hong Kong Society for Medical Laboratory Science, was successfully held yesterday (6 January). As the first major academic exchange event in celebration of HKMU's 35th anniversary, the symposium received an overwhelming response, attracting about 250 participants, including experts, academics, researchers, and industry and government representatives...

21 Dec 2023

HKMU innovates microfluidics for real-time monitoring of the metabolic activity of food waste/sewage sludge anaerobic co-digestion to boost the generation of renewable energy

As public awareness of environmental protection grows in Hong Kong, food waste is becoming an increasing concern, thus creating demand for food waste recycling and reuse. If large amounts of food waste are not treated properly, it may contaminate the environment. The “anaerobic co-digestion” of food waste and sewage sludge produces biogas, but the biological activity of the digestion process requires close monitoring to ensure the smooth operation of “anaerobic digestion”, along with the production of biogas. Hong Kong Metropolitan University's (HKMU) School of Science and Technology has developed a “microfluidics analytical device” to monitor the bioactivity of “anaerobic digestion” in real time and learn about the impact of food waste on the “anaerobic digestion” of sewage sludge. Hence, it will help improve the efficiency of waste decomposition and generate renewable energy to convert waste into energy....

24 Oct 2023

HKMU professor develops enhanced thermoelectric generators for sustainable waste heat recovery

Prof. Roy Vellaisamy, newly appointed Chair Professor of Intelligent Systems at Hong Kong Metropolitan University's (HKMU) School of Science and Technology (S&T), has pioneered an enhanced design for thermoelectric generators (TEGs), which can durably and efficiently convert industrial waste heat into usable electricity. The enhanced design may directly increase the efficiency of heat-to-electricity conversion, providing a good demonstration of the application of research to resolve real-world problems....

28 Sep 2023

HKMU sets up MARS to further microalgae research in the Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia

Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) has a long and excellent track record in environmental science research, especially on harmful algal blooms (HABs) and beneficial applications of microalgae. To further microalgae research in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and Southeast Asia...

26 Jul 2023

HKMU researcher contributes to ocean health through collaborative project on development of eco-friendly materials for seawalls

Environmental science is one of the strategic research areas of Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU). Dr Juan Carlos Astudillo Placencia, Assistant Professor in the School of Science and Technology, will start to work on a research project which involves exploring eco-engineering works at the rip rap seawall in south Hong Kong through the use of innovative eco-concrete features to augment habitat complexity....

18 Jul 2023

HKMU's new Medical Science Laboratory to open in September with cutting-edge facilities to enhance students' pre-employment training

Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) will offer the new Bachelor of Science with Honours in Medical Laboratory Science programme from September this year, which has received...






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