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230324_Cantonese Opera

24 Mar 2023 (Fri)

HKMU endeavours to promote knowledge transfer and research on Cantonese opera and the inheritance of Chinese culture

HKMU has always been committed to promoting Chinese culture, and the preservation and promotion of Cantonese opera has been one of the University’s research areas in recent years. The School of Arts and Social Sciences is devoted to enhancing the promotion and knowledge transfer of Cantonese opera culture through various means. In addition to organising seminars and lectures, the School also offer the General Education course Cantonese Opera Culture: Appreciation and Experience to encourage students to explore the history and culture of Cantonese opera.

221021_South Asian Ageing_Terence Shum photo 1

21 Oct 2022 (Fri)

Language barrier and financial difficulties are obstacles to maintaining quality of life among ethnic minority older adults in Hong Kong, HKMU researchers find

A recent study by HKMU revealed that the quality of life of South Asian older adults in Hong Kong is negatively affected by language barrier and financial difficulties. Family obligations, religious beliefs and cultural perspectives play an important part in their old age experience in Hong Kong. HKMU scholar suggested that the Government should enhance education on physical and mental health for the South Asian community, investigate the needs and concerns of caregivers of the older adults, and promote the ethnic minority neighbourhood support scheme.


19 Sep 2022 (Mon)

Research efforts recognized in latest round of RGC funding

HKMU achieved pleasing results in the latest round of the Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector of the Research Grants Council (RGC). Over HK$13 million was granted for projects under the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS), achieving the highest funding amount of all self-financing institutions under the scheme.

Business lady filling document on reception of hotel or office building

01 Sep 2022 (Thu)

Research finds smiling and nodding frontline staff a plus for businesses, but not enough to change customer perception

HKMU researchers have previously completed a research on how consumers perceive the gestures of frontline staff and found that more efforts should be made in improving product and service to alter customers’ evaluation of a product and a brand.


13 Jul 2022 (Tue)

HKMU research shows a significant difference in price changes in the HOS secondary market and private property market

The Public and Social Policy Research Centre, under the School of Arts and Social Sciences, recently used the “HKMU HOS Price Index” to examine the difference in price trends between the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) secondary market and the private property market in Hong Kong during the pandemic. The study found that local HOS secondary market prices were affected by the pandemic to a certain extent and showed a significant difference from the price of private housing.


23 Jun 2022 (Thu)

Research finds that government funding encourages kindergartens to admit ethnic minority students

A recent research jointly conducted by the School of Education and Languages of HKMU and the Hong Kong Child-rity Association (HKCRA) revealed that half of the kindergartens interviewed admitted more ethnic minority (EM) students because of a new subsidy scheme introduced by the Government, and the lack of human resources to be their biggest obstacle in admitting EM students.


31 May 2022 (Tue)

HKMU promotes STEAM education in secondary schools with support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club

With support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, HKMU rolled out the Jockey Club STEAM Education Resources Sharing Scheme to provide teaching support for secondary schools and to promote STEAM education in Hong Kong.

Image is silhouette. Fishermen Casting are going out to fish early in the morning with wooden boats, old lanterns and nets. Concept Fisherman's life style.

19 May 2022 (Thu)

Probiotics proved to enhance fish growth performance

A research team of the School of Science and Technology has found that using a common probiotic bacterium, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus strain GG (LGG), as the feed supplement for cultivation of mud carp fingerling can improve the growth performance of the fish and enhance its resistance against the infection of pathogenic bacterial Aeromonas hydrophila.

Visit by Secretary for Innovation and Technology
12 Apr 2022 (Tue)

New anti-virus technology developed

Partnering with a start-up company, HKMU discovers that strong positively polar polymeric filter can effectively arrest and inactivate viruses and bacteria including the SAR-Cov-2 virus in a short period of time. This technology can be applied to medical and other daily use products to protect public health.

30 Mar 2022 (Wed)

Integrating into Hong Kong - Starting with South Asian Food and Music

As a multi-cultural society, Hong Kong has attracted many ethnic minorities to settle in. In a recent study, Dr Terrance Shum Chun-tat, Assistant Professor of the School of Arts and Social Sciences, found that food and music are key components of South Asian culture that help ethnic minorities to express, retain and construct their own culture in the new social environment.

ST - 共建大灣區紅樹林濕地研發中心框架協議簽
21 Sep 2021 (Tue)

The latest top-funded RGC projects

In the latest round of the Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector of the Research Grants Council, HKMU has achieved pleasing results in the Scheme, and has been granted research funding of over HK$16.1 million for eighteen projects.

Openlink's interview Prof Tam Fung Yee Nora
19 Jul 2021 (Mon)

World’s top scientist leads OUHK research team - Interview with Prof. Nora Tam

Prof. Nora Tam Fung-yee has been engaged in environmental science research for 40 years. She is the first scholar in the world to discover the ability and mechanism of mangroves in purifying sewage and degrading persistent organic toxic pollutants. Joining the OUHK last year as Chair Professor of Environmental Science and Conservation, Prof. Tam is now leading the research team of the Centre for Research in Environmental Science to further enhance the University’s scientific research capabilities.

Overcrowded building in Hong Kong
03 Jun 2021 (Thu)

OUHK and HKLSS join hands to survey housing needs of the grassroots

The Public and Social Policy Research Centre under the School of Arts and Social Sciences of The Open University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service have jointly conducted a research to gauge the views of the residents of sub-divided units on transitional housing. Based on the findings, suggestions on the construction and re-construction of transitional housing in the future are made.


01 December 2020

Contributing to mask filtration material development