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The HKMU's journey began in 1989 as a distance learning institution. In just three decades, it has evolved to a full-fledged university providing full-time and part-time programmes, grooming tens of thousands of graduates. With relentless efforts and determination, they earned their qualifications and applause. Let's check out more on their stories.

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School of Arts and Social Sciences

Clint Ho Kai-yim

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese Humanities (Part-time programme)

Chinese humanities graduate Clint Ho had been a construction

worker before retirement. With a passion for the quest of knowledge and determination, he embarked on undergraduate studies in fine art when he was about to turn 60 and went on to obtain a master's degree in the same subject. Clint plans to hold a solo exhibition two years from now.

Alumni Linkage Interview (March 2022 Issue ) 

Benny Lau Chi-hang (But Ming)

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities (Part-time programme)

A seasoned horror novelist, But Ming (Benny Lau, BA in Chinese Humanities 2006) is acclaimed by Taiwan's publishers as The Master of Horror in Hong Kong. His creative works inspire imagination, helping readers explore the fallen world and discover good and evil in hidden corners of the human soul.

Jimmy Yuen Hon-wing

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Law Enforcement and Security Management (Part-time programme)

Jimmy Yuen, a graduate in Law Enforcement and Security Management, was – before his retirement – the first Chinese head of the Police Force's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau. With composure and laser-sharp focus, he has led numerous successful operations, keeping Hong Kong safe by defusing literally explosive situations.

Lai Yeuk-hei

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts  (Full-time Programme)

Lai Yeuk-hei (Full-time BA with Hon in Creative Writing and Film Arts 2014) set up Tenfingersworkshop while she was a Year 2 student at the OUHK. These days, she would even step out of her workshop from time to time and share her joy of creating artworks by combining her business with community art projects. Let's join the journey to her creative world!

Alumni Linkage Interview (January 2018 Issue )

Riley Leung

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing and Film Arts (Full-time programme)

Mr. Riley Leung is a graduate of the full-time Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing and Film Arts programme. He has won a number of awards in both local and overseas film festivals for his short films

Remains and More than Ice-cream. His success is all the more remarkable because at the time of his enrolment in the programme, he did not know much about films. He said, 'At that time, shooting a full-length feature film seemed to be a long way off, but making a short film was something that I could handle. I wanted to share what was in my mind with viewers using images.' Riley believed that the hands-on experience with the camera in the classroom helped him a lot.



Billy Ng Tsz-yu

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts (Full-time programme)


Billy has been a film lover and a big fan of local actress and singer Miriam Yeung since he was a child. With the theories of 'star studies,' he tried to analyse the codes used in her films. In his thesis, he examined the images projected by two characters played by Miriam Yeung in the films Love Undercover I & II, and Love in a Puff and its sequel Love in the Buff. When the OUHK presented its first batch of creative writing and film arts graduates, Billy was one of them.

During his four years at the OUHK, Billy explored the various facets of the creative media. He gradually developed his own views on film study as well as a passion for writing. His reviews were published on the website of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society and in Breakazine.


Andy Ngo Chun-ning

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Part-time programme)

Andy Ngo started his career in the IT field after completing a Higher Diploma in Information Systems. Despite his outstanding performance, Andy received neither a raise nor a promotion. He then made up his mind to pursue a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours programme at the OUHK and obtained his degree in December 2012.

Andy loved to meet new challenges. With an interest in psychology, he observed that many people did not receive adequate assistance in the face of disasters. He therefore wanted to take a psychological counselling programme and to devote himself to counselling or social service in future.


Jenny Lai Wai-chun

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature (Part-time programme)


Jenny was born physically challenged. She needs a walking stick for support. Yet there was not much support she could find at an early age. While she was a primary school student, she underwent a major operation. The long stay at a hospital afterwards affected her studies. She also suffered from a lack of confidence since she had to face many challenges as a newcomer to Hong Kong. However, she never forgot the advice given by one of her secondary school teachers who encouraged her to pursue further studies. On graduation day, Jenny stood solemnly in her graduation gown in the congregation hall, and was overcome with emotions.

Preparing for the PSC Putonghua Proficiency Test, Jenny decided on a career in teaching. She recalled what her Putonghua tutor once said, 'Don't compare yourself with other people. Find the way that most suits you.' To all teachers at the OUHK who offered her great support, Jenny expressed her heartfelt thanks.


Tsang Hung-to

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature (Part-time programme)

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (Special Educational Needs) (Part-time programme) Tsang Hung-to was born in the mainland. After she came to Hong Kong, she was unable to find a job since her qualifications were not recognized. When she took her child to a kindergarten, she was asked to take up some administrative work and to teach Putonghua there. Eventually, she obtained a certificate in kindergarten education, and she started teaching Putonghua for full-time. Afterwards, she became a primary school teacher, and she also completed a Bachelor of Education degree at the OUHK specializing in early childhood education. As a working mother, Hung-to commended the OUHK's flexible learning mode for meeting the needs of those in her position. With self-discipline and perseverance, she managed to fulfill her family, work and study commitments, and she also became a role model for her three children.



Cho Sheung-wa

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Accounting  (Part-time programme)

Cho Sheung-wa worked as a merchandizer after obtaining his HKCEE. He then studied for a part-time degree programme in Chinese humanities at the OUHK. Due to a heavy workload, he failed four courses in one semester. Eventually, he discontinued his studies. Later, however, he decided to make a career change to accounting, believing that the prospects would be better in this field with great potential in the mainland market. He therefore returned to the OUHK to complete his BA degree and at the same time embarked on another degree programme in accounting.

Sheung-wa recalled that it was very demanding to be engaged in both work and studies simultaneously. However, he was determined to succeed. Though Chinese literature would not have much in common with accounting, it helped him cultivate patience with handling accounting tasks. Eventually, he successfully completed both programmes and worked as an an assistant accountant. After completing the professional examinations, he would become a certified accountant.




Bryan Yeung Yik-chuen

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language and Translation (Full-time programme)

Master of Arts in Legal Translation (Part-time programme)

Bryan worked as a clerk after taking A-level examinations. To enhance his qualifications, Bryan studied for an honours degree in language and translation at the OUHK. Upon graduation, he worked as a freelance translator, and decided to take a master's degree in legal translation. Eventually he developed an interest in law. Bryan found the OUHK programmes practical and useful, and he was impressed by the professionalism of the teaching staff. He hopes to eventually become a lawyer after completing the Common Professional Examination (CPE) course. His advice to those who are experiencing difficult times is that making plans, working hard and dreams will turn into reality.



Ho Ming-sun

Bachelor of Social Sciences in China Studies

(Part-time programme)

Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies

(Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration (Part-time programme)

Alumnus Mr Ho Ming-sun is a retired senior superintendent in the Hong Kong Police. He started his career in the Hong Kong Police since 1976. On the other hand, he studied part-time at the OUHK, not only to enrich his knowledge, but also to develop his interest in different fields. Mr Ho is interested in issues related to cross-strait relations between mainland China and Taiwan. Whenever he had any doubt about the required readings, he would ask his teachers for advice. As a superintendent he had to work at least 12 hours a day, and therefore he believed that time management and good health were important. He said, 'I acted as a commander in the police giving orders. However, when I became a student in the classroom, I was not afraid to make mistakes.' Mr Ho stressed that studying was fun in addition to obtaining degrees and certificates. ‘All the OUHK courses I have taken are useful and relevant to our lives and work,’ he said. He would like to encourage all students to study hard, be nice to other people, and have a high standard of self-discipline.



Leung Ka-wing

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Studies  (Part-time programme)

Leung Ka-wing was the former Head of the RTHK Chinese radio programme service. He had a busy job with irregular working hours, so the flexible learning mode of the OUHK was a right choice for him.

He believed that the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies programme was very helpful to him. He had a degree in science, but his job required knowledge of social sciences. In the OUHK, he learned a lot about politics, economics and sociology, and he was able to apply them to solve many problems. His motto is 'be a happy and honest person'. He suggested that a person should be practical and sincere, and not to be mean to other people.



Chow Kit-ping

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese Humanities (Part-time programme)

Chow Kit-ping was passionate about literature since she studied in a secondary school, and she even dreamed of writing scripts for Cantonese opera. When she realized that creative writing was her true love, she started to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the OUHK. The programme did not include courses in Chinese opera that she wanted. However, through studying Chinese poems, literary criticism and classical novels, she had confidence in the ability to write, and two of her scripts were performed on stage.

In 2006, Kit-ping obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Chinese Humanities. She aimed at writing more new scripts and completing a Master's Degree in Chinese Literature to broaden her horizons.



Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration

Michael Lam Wai-ko

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Sports and eSports Management  (Full-time programme)

Have you ever doubted about your career? How to turn your hobby into a fulfilling career? Starting from a personal interest, Michael progressed to become a coach, and eventually established the ice hockey training school – he has successfully turned his interest into a business.

Alumni Linkage Interview (January 2024 Issue)

Leung Chi-tat

Bachelor of Business Administration (Part-time programme)

The Japanese anime Slam Dunk is the best-loved animation of many post-70s and post-80s. Its red-haired protagonist Sakuragi Hanamichi was a youth idol. The movie version released in January this year enlisted the help of the original cast who dubbed the TV series in the 1990s, which brought back fond memories for a lot of people. In this issue, we've invited the voice actor for Sakuragi –Leung Chi-tat, a graduate of our BBA programme – to share with us stories inside and outside the dubbing studio.

Alumni Linkage Interview (March 2023 Issue)

Angus Au Hiu-fung

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Accounting (Full-time programme)

Management graduate Angus Au Hiu-fung has formed a start-up with his friends to launch 'drinkable salad' products. Mainly through online marketing, their business has expanded from the Greater China region to Southeast Asia and the UK. Recently, the start-up has received support from a renowned venture capital company.

Alumni Linkage Interview (November 2022 Issue)

Ryan Ngan Siu-kwan

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Accounting (Full-time programme)

The Accounting graduate Ryan Ngan Siu-kwan entered the field of aviation logistics by chance, and was gradually promoted from intern to general manager in the company he served. In the last few years, he established his own business and set up two companies, one of which was jointly set up with two university classmates, boldly seizing new opportunities in the logistics industry with his shrewd business sense amid the incessant coronavirus pandemic.

Alumni Linkage Interview (July 2022 Issue)

Jojo Wong Yin-ting

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (Part-time programme)

The career development of Jojo Wong Yin-ting, a graduate of the BBA in Marketing programme, is inseparable from her relationship with horses. She is a Level 2 National Coach in Olympic Disciplines of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) – one of the only two persons holding this qualification in Greater China. Having worked in riding training and equestrian therapy for years, Jojo started building her business in the equine industry in recent years, blazing new trails as she took hold of new opportunities.

Alumni Linkage Interview (May 2022 Issue)

Alice Cheng Lai-chun

Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management with Honours (Full Time programme)

Master of Social Sciences (Part-time programme)

Sports and Recreation Management programme graduate Alice Cheng Lai-chun is a Hong Kong rhythmic gymnastics representative, an elite of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, as well as a national-level athlete. When Alice was young, she admired very much the graceful figures of rhythmic gymnasts. From novice player to repeated all-round champion, while combining studies and sport training, Alice has perfectly interpreted every rhythmic movement.

Alumni Linkage Interview (January 2022 Issue)

Edison Lau Ho-hin (right)

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Management (Full-time programme)

Lau Kim-man and his son Edison Lau experienced rather different learning journeys at the OUHK. They have also witnessed the development of the University over the past three decades. After graduation, the father-son duo has stayed connected with their alma mater in different roles as a core member of an alumni group and a lecturer of the University, passing on the torch to the new generation.

Alfred Ng Kwan-mo

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

(Part-time programme)

You may have used USB wall outlets at the Hong Kong International Airport and certain hotels, but you may not know that they were invented by an OUHK alumnus. Inspired by a business trip experience, veteran accountant Alfred Ng invented the impressive product which led him to his start-up journey.

Alumni Linkage Interview (November 2020 Issue)

Leo Cheng Chun-hung

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Accounting

(Part-time programme)

Alumnus Leo Cheng started to work as a commercial oil painter when he was a teenager, and later took his career in a totally different direction in accounting. With determination, hard work and an optimistic attitude, he has become a head of finance today. Leo is grateful for the help he received in his studies and work, and has dedicated himself to giving back to his alma mater and society, and encouraging others with his own good deeds.

Alumni Linkage Interview (September 2020 Issue)

Sammy Leung Wai-man

Bachelor of Business Administration (Part-time programme)

Master of Business Administration

(Part-time programme)

MBA alumnus Sammy Leung is a renowned wine critic and seasoned sommelier who has received numerous awards at home and abroad over the years. This passionate and knowledgeable wine connoisseur is not only helping his clients uplift their dining experience but also actively promoting the culture of wine appreciation. In recent years, he has committed to promoting lesser-known and underappreciated Chinese wines in an effort to expand the exposure of oenophiles.

Alumni Linkage Interview (July 2020 Issue)

Lo Sze-pui

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management 

(Full-time programme)

Former chairperson of the Dancing Society Lo Sze-pui (Full-time BBA in Management 2011) fancied developing a career in the performing arts. Now she has her own radio show on RTHK. Let's follow her steps on the journey to having her dream come true.

Alumni Linkage Interview (November 2017 Issue) 

Lau Yuen-keung

Bachelor of Business Administration in China Business (Full-time programme)

Certificate in Law Enforcement and Security Management (Part-time programme)

Mr Lau Yuen-keung received from the OUHK a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in China Business. Since he was a high school student, he studied martial arts, including Wing Chun kung fu, jujitsu and boxing. He admitted that in his early years he had little interest in academic studies. But under the tutelage of his master, he came to realize that he should not ignore his school work. He made up his mind to catch up. However, he did not do well in the HKCEE. Undaunted, he applied himself to the Yi Jin programme and the pre-Associate Degree programme. Subsequently, he enrolled in the OUHK's Bachelor programme. He would like to either join the police force or business sector, and he will continue his interests and passion as an amateur boxer.


Alumni Linkage Interview (Inaugural issue)

Katrin Buchta

Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law (in Chinese)  (Part-time programme)

Coming from Germany, Katrin Buchta worked as an interpreter for the Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou.

In 2013, Katrin completed the OUHK’s Part-time programe in Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law (in Chinese). She said, ‘The programme fitted my life style very well.’ As she often went on business trips or away from the office for different events, she studied whenever she had a free moment. Although she could not participate in real-time online classes due to the network limits on the mainland, she downloaded the materials, and joined chat-room discussions with her classmates. In fact, the law programme helped her in many ways with her job. ‘As I need to translate or revise some official documents, I now know the right words after I have studied Chinese business law,' she said.

Luigi Pau

Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Business Law

(Part-time programme)

Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law (Part-time programme)

Thousands of miles separate Hong Kong and the Italian island of Sardinia. Yet, our distance-learning students in places so far apart can still feel almost as if they were in the same classroom. Luigi Pau had the experience of this type of learning. Luigi became interested in Chinese law for several reasons. 'First of all, I was interested in Chinese culture and customs. Secondly, I think that international comparative law and Chinese law are becoming increasingly important in the world. Finally, the tourism industry is flourishing in Sardinia, but there are currently no lawyers who are familiar with Chinese business law.' Luigi encouraged people to enroll in the Part-time programes of the OUHK. 'I would say: go for it! The OUHK offers great opportunities, and the courses are very practical.'


Paul Wong Chun-hung

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance (Part-time programme)

As an Assistant Vice President of a bank, Paul Wong was extremely busy, working from 9 am to 9 pm every day. Seeing that a framework of qualifications would be implemented in the industry, Paul wanted to upgrade himself through further studies. He found that the flexible Part-time programe of the OUHK perfectly met his needs.

Paul praised the programme at the OUHK for its practicality and up-to-date contents. He benefited greatly from discussions of the real-life cases provided by tutors, most of whom worked in the banking and commercial sectors. Paul also enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life on campus. He had a long memory for the days when he and his classmates went to Cheung Chau Island to start their revision together for examinations.


Dato' Dr Wong Kwing-keung

Bachelor of Business Administration in China Business (Part-time programme)  

Chairman and CEO of Twin Wealth Group, Dato' Dr Wong Kwing-keung have more than 30 years of experience in business management. He became a student of the OUHK in 2002 when he enrolled on the BBA programme in China Business. After years running a business in specialised fields with many professionals working under him, Dr Wong felt a pressing need to upgrade himself. He said that the courses offered by the OUHK enriched his management knowledge. Dr Wong was humble and never mentioned his extensive business experiences in class. Although he might at times have known more about certain topics than the tutors did, he listened attentively. 'During tutorials, there was always something that's new to me, and I liked to listen to the views of my classmates.' he said. He also shared his life motto, 'There are always solutions for difficulties. Indeed, nothing in life is difficult.'


Robert Lau Chi-ching

Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law  (Part-time programme)

Robert Lau Chi-ching embarked on the Master of Laws in Chinese Business and obtained the degree in December 2011.

Previously, Robert studied for a Master degree of Science in Chinese Business Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. However, his work as a company director required frequent travel to the mainland. He led a very busy life, and was often absent from class. Finally he decided to turn to the OUHK and enrolled in the law programme in the e-learning mode. Robert commended the OUHK programme for its practicality and extensive use of up-to-date case studies. The tutorials were conducted by practicing legal professionals. He also found that the practical knowledge of Chinese business law that he gained would greatly enhance his management and communication skills.


Chung Hin-tang

Bachelor of Business Administration in China Business

(Full-time programme)

Chung Hin-tang completed a Bachelor degree of Business Administration in China Business. He believed that the OUHK provided him with a well-rounded education. He learned not only from the books, but also from internship experiences. Following his graduation, he joined the Internship Programme for University Graduates, and was assigned to work for Yuexiu Property. After a half-year internship, he received a job offer from the company. He thought that the most useful subject for him was 'Marketing in China'. The subject helped him understand the overall situation in China business. The courses on marketing planning and principles of marketing were also useful, especially learning about SWOT analysis.

He believed that a person has to be honest when he makes any decisions. At work, one has to be humble, eager to learn and responsible for his own actions.


School of Education and Languages

LAW Sin-ching

Bachelor of Education with Honours in Early Childhood Education (Leadership and Special Educational Needs) (Full-time programme)

Have you ever imagined how life would be as one with visual impairment? Skyey Law was born with a congenital cataract. Losing half of her vision has created significant obstacles for her studies, yet she never gives up on her dream. Her effort has paid off and successfully earned an honours degree in Early Childhood Education (Leadership and Special Educational Needs) and Grade 8 qualification in Vocal Music. She is now teaching in a kindergarten and hopes to make use of her own strengths to help other SEN children.

Fung Wai-man

Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education (Part-time programme)

With her passion for education and art, Fung Wai-man, graduate of the Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education programme, has designed interesting visual arts courses for primary school students. She hopes what she did could integrate art into life, inspire students' creativity and shape their personality, nurturing them to become persons of good character. Ms Fung was presented with the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in recognition of her professionalism and dedication to work. 

Stephen Ma Hok-chun

Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours  (Part-time programme)

As an experienced registered social worker, Stephen Ma Hok-chun has always been concerned about stress and emotion management. About a decade ago, he left his stable work and resolutely travelled to earthquake-stricken Sichuan to provide voluntary psychological support. The insights on life he gained from working with the victims led him to write a teaching kit. In addition, Stephen has also set up an education centre to promote life education, and in recent years, he has been encouraging parents to help their children learn to manage their emotions and look at life positively.

Lee Wan-yi

Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours (Full-time programme)

Lee Wan-yi, a graduate of English Language Studies, is more than an enthusiast in archery. Holding various archery records in Hong Kong, she remains steady, focused and targeted in every shot. In the journey of life, is she able to maintain the same resilience, aim towards her goals and ensure that she never misses out?

Peral Poon Ming-chu

Master of Education  (Part-time programme)

Jenny and Pearl Poon, nicknamed 'Grimm Sisters', are prolific writers of books for children. Their words have accompanied many young readers when they were growing up. Interestingly, both veteran writers of children's literature have some kind of connection with the OUHK. One was a part-time tutor of Chinese language and education courses for years, and the other is a graduate of the Master of Education programme.

Ricky Ng Wing-hung

Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education (Part-time programme)

Alumnus Ricky Ng believes every child is gifted and has potential. At the primary school he serves as principal, he has introduced innovative schemes to help students develop their strengths and create a ‘happy school’.

Jacky Yau Ka-chu

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) (Part-time programme)

Master of Business Administration (Part-time programme)

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Management (Part-time programme)

While the Government has been stepping up the efforts on promoting STEM education, Jacky Yau, our PGDE and MBA graduate, founded his robot institute more than a decade ago. Let's see how Jacky guided schoolchildren to explore technology with interest with the help of robots.

Wayne Chau pui-por

Master of Education (Part-time programme)

MEd graduate Wayne Chau founded Agent of Change, a social enterprise attending to the needs of the grass roots. Recent years have seen him putting more focus on tackling issues related to school children and education and actively promoting quality education. What has Wayne been working on for the betterment of society? Let's find out more.

Alumni Linkage Interview (July 2018 Issue) 

Doris Fung Sau-tak

Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education (English Strand)  (Part-time programme)

As a primary school English teacher, Doris Fung Sau-tak devoted a tremendous amount of time to help her students, who were underprivileged, having special learning needs or family problems. During the wave of education reforms, Doris wanted to enhance her own skills and to upgrade her academic qualifications. So she enrolled on the OUHK's Honours Degree programme in primary education. In spite of the demands of looking after a family, teaching and studying, Doris managed to complete a degree in four years.

Doris was very grateful for the support she received from the OUHK. Many of her colleagues and friends followed her example and embarked on further studies. Most importantly, her studies gave her insights into lifelong learning. She said 'I hope to inspire my students to pursue lifelong education at different stages of development.'


Kan Pui-fang

Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education (Part-time programme)

Kan Pui-fang obtained a Bachelor of Education degree with Honours in Primary Education in 2002. She believed that the OUHK programmes offered a great degree of flexibility in the way her life was organized. Throughout her studies, she chose a number of electives each term according to her career needs and family obligations. She recalled that during the 1990s, it was not common for working people to take further studies. However, she felt that she needed to enrich her knowledge. After completing some refresher courses offered by the Education Bureau, she commenced her studies at the OUHK.

She pointed out that some of the courses were very useful for her career, for example the design of the school curriculum. Under the guidance of the OUHK instructors, she could apply what she learned to solving problems. She encouraged the OUHK students to devote themselves to studies and to treasure every learning opportunity.

Kevin Chan Lai-sin

Bachelor of General Studies (Part-time programme)

Master of Business Administration (Part-time programme)

Kevin Chan Lai-sin worked for the MTR and also studied design part-time after completing his Form 5 education. He entered the design industry once he had obtained the relevant qualifications. He became the design director of the design centre which he established, employing more than 200 staff members. With the hope of learning more about different disciplines, he enrolled in the OUHK's Bachelor of General Studies programme at the OUHK in 2006 and graduated in December 2011.

Kevin said the high-quality course materials and the professional tutors inspired him to study hard. He was also impressed by the persistence and stamina of the OUHK students. He met many students who were studying simply to gain practical knowledge, not for higher qualifications or better career prospects. Kevin gave every encouragement to his colleagues to pursue lifelong learning, and he became a role model for them.


Olivia Chui Pui-kei

Bachelor of Education with Honours (English Strand) and  Bachelor of Language Studies (English) (Honours) (Full-time programme)

Olivia Chui Pui-kei completed a double degree with a Bachelor of Education with Honours (English Strand) and Bachelor of Language Studies (English) (Honours). She actively participated in extra-curricular activities in her university days. She was a committee member of the Students' Union in 2008. She also represented her fellow students and made a speech on the fine-tuning of the medium of instruction at a Legislative Council panel meeting. In 2009, she worked as an editorial intern at China Central Television for one month. Then, last summer, she served as a research assistant at the Police College, responsible for investigating and analysing police officers' needs for Putonghua courses. All these activities helped to broaden her horizons and develop her interpersonal skills. Olivia was determined to be a teacher and hoped that her students would become responsible individuals with positive personalities and high self-esteem.

Olivia plans to start studying for a Master's degree in Gender Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Samantha Seiter

Bachelor of Education with Honours (English Strand) and Bachelor of  Language Studies (English) with Honours (Full-time programme)

Born in South Africa, Samantha Seiter was a teacher in Hong Kong before she enrolled for a Bachelor of Language Studies (English) with Honours programme. While studying at the OUHK, she received a number of outstanding student awards and scholarships, and graduated with first-class honours from both programmes in 2010. Samantha admitted that she found the long hours of study very tiring, and that she took only one vacation in four years. Yet, she found the experience very rewarding. 'Studying at the OUHK was very valuable for me, because I was trained how to think critically and to learn independently. We were also taught practical skills, such as academic writing and how to look up primary sources.'

Though Samantha went on to study at the University of Oxford in the UK, when being asked about a good place for education, she replied sincerely, 'Hong Kong, especially the OUHK.'


Samuel Cheng Kin-tak

Doctor of Education (Part-time programme)

Dr Samuel Cheng studied at the Open Learning Institute many years ago. As a chemistry instructor and a student at the same time, he faced many challenges. When he decided to enrol in a Doctor of Education programme, he chose the OUHK. The distance learning mode was particularly helpful to him as he needed to work full-time. The topic of his thesis was about the provision of learning experience outside the classroom as well as service learning programmes which would change how the students think and live.

The fact that he completed a doctoral programme inspired his colleagues to strive for their own goals through hard work. He advised the OUHK students that self-discipline should be very important. With good time management skills, one would achieve academic success.

Wang Yangao

Master of Education (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Education with Honours in Secondary Education (Chinese Strand) (Part-time programme) 

Mr Wang ngao, CEO of Huaxia Foundation, studied for a Bachelor degree of Education with Honours in Secondary Education (Chinese Strand) programme as well as the Master of Education programme at the OUHK. With his passion for education, he said: 'Open up the students, never let them down'. He did not believe in standing still. He insisted that continuous learning would help one adapt to a changing environment. Being simultaneously enrolled in two programmes was not an easy task, requiring meticulous time management and dedication. By 2007, he had completed his studies. The programmes he undertook at OUHK enabled him to understand in depth the educational needs of young people at various stages. More importantly, he learned to put into practice what he had acquired, mindful of the nature of education and how best to meet the needs of modern society through teaching.

Fanny Wong

Associate Diploma in Health Services Management (Part-time programme)

Postgraduate Certificate in Liberal Studies Education (Part-time programme)

Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies (Part-time programme)

Postgraduate Certificate in Energy & Environmental Sustainability (Cleaner Production & Green Technology) (Part-time programme)

Master of Science in Energy and Environmental  Sustainability (Part-time programme)

While working in a hospital as a registered nurse, Fanny Wong completed the OUHK's Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies. She then studied for a Master degree of Science in Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Having qualifications in both healthcare and environmental studies, Fanny was appointed by LiPACE as a part-time instructor of elderly care and environmental and public health. She said, 'I was interested in the modules on environmental protection when I studied for my Master's degree in Liberal Studies. With the support from the OUHK's academic staff, I managed to take a step further in my studies.' She hoped to pass on the ideas of lifelong education to her students.


School of Nursing and Health Studies

KAN Ming-pui

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care (Full-time programme)

Diving into an industry which is not of your profession needs courage. Mandy, the Nursing graduate, proves with her own example that with courage and perseverance, we always have a choice. She has been having exposure to various musical instruments and sports from an early age, and found herself more dedicated to medical research when studying Nursing. Mandy is now a researcher in the field of rehabilitation upon obtaining a relevant master's degree in the UK, hoping to integrate pipe organ into rehabilitation and contribute to society.

Alumni Linkage Interview (September 2023 Issue)  

Cyrus Leung Wai-ho

Master of Nursing (Chinese Medicinal Nrusing) (Part-time programme)

Carers in elderly homes in Hong Kong are often seniors as well. Cyrus Leung, a young alumnus of the Master of Nursing (Chinese Medicinal Nursing) programme, moved from the hospital to work as a nurse in an elderly home about a decade ago. Now just in his early 30s and already the Assistant Superintendent, Cyrus wishes to bring more vigour into the industry and promote the integration of Chinese and Western medicinal nursing.

Alumni Linkage Interview (September 2021 Issue)  

Brain Wong-kit

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care (Full-time programme)

Brian Wong Kit was among the first to graduate from the full-time nursing programme of the OUHK. Being an operating theatre nurse for years, he has visited Bangladesh twice to serve as a nurse volunteer. Recalling the unforgettable experiences in the field hospital, Brian has much to share.

Alumni Linkage Interview (November 2019 Issue)  

Joan Fan Ching-yee

Higher Diploma in Nursing (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Nursing (Part-time programme)

Nursing graduate Joan Fan Ching-yee has achieved remarkable results in a number of local and overseas marathon races. Let's see how her determination and perseverance on the running track have helped realize her dream of becoming a nurse.

Alumni Linkage Interview (May 2018 Issue)  

Manny Cheuk Man-wai

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care (Full-time programme)

Manny first wanted to be a nurse when she was in Form 6. Nevertheless, she was admitted to an electrical engineering programme, and soon realized she could not keep up with the class. Around the same time, visits to her grandfather at an hospital rekindled her aspiration to become a nurse. Manny thus decided to study for a Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care at the OUHK.

In her four years of studies, she gained a deep understanding of the work of a nurse. She realized that nurses are often able to identify the needs of patients since they have frequent contact with patients. Her many unforgettable experiences include an encounter with a woman patient who suffered from postnatal depression, and also the process of donating her bone marrow during the summer break in her third year. Manny now worked in a hospital. She planned to pursue a Master's degree for career advancement.


Ng Chun-yuen

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours (Part-time programme)

Ng Chun-yuen graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree. She chose the OUHK because the flexible learning schedule allowed her to manage her time effectively. She recalled how she and her husband, who was also an OUHK student, went to the library and studied together. With the guidance of her instructor, she completed a research project related to obstetrics. The project was successful, and her research paper was published in a British journal.

Her learning experience also inspired her colleagues. They realized that lifelong learning would lead to better service. Chun-yuen believed that, 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. Once the first step was taken, it would be easy to achieve a goal step-by-step.

Yue Yan-sang

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours (Part-time programme)

The OUHK first offered the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Part-time programe in 1994, providing registered nurses with the opportunity to pursue a degree for career advancement. With 13 years of working experience in nursing, Mr Yue Yan-sang decided to enroll in this programme. He graduated in 2002, and was promoted to Nursing Officer at Kwong Wah Hospital.

'What the programme taught was far more in depth than that I had learned in the past,' said Yan-sang. 'It enabled me to think from different perspectives. I learned to care about the feelings of patients and their families, and to communicate well with my co-workers,' he added. He also pointed out that, 'As I had to meet the demands of work and family, I chose the OUHK's programme which was flexible to cater for my needs.' More

School of Science and Technology

Arthur Yu Cheong-hang BBSc with Honours in Testing Science (Environmental Protection) (Full-time programme)

Arthur Yu Cheong-hang, graduate of Testing Science (Environmental Protection) programme, is a nature lover. From taking photos of natural scenery in his spare time since a young age to engaging in environmental education after graduation, he has devoted himself wholeheartedly to conservation work. With particular interest in local wild orchids that fewer people pay attention to, Arthur has been searching high and low for them. He also set up a website to arouse public interest in the conservation of these precious and endangered plants.

Alumni Linkage Interview (January 2023 Issue)

Chan Chu-lok Bachelor of Science in Electronics (Part-time programme)

Electronics alumnus Chan Chu-lok, first president of the Hong Kong Amateur Astronomical Society (now known as Hong Kong Astronomical Society), has been working assiduously to promote public education in astronomy for more than 50 years. His passion for exploring the vast universe and its millions of stars has never diminished even after retirement.

Alumni Linkage Interview (November 2021 Issue)

Emil Chan Ka-ho

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing (Part-time programme)

The rapid development of fintech has led to the proliferation of start-up companies in recent years, and emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain and digital currency have become hot topics in the city. Before the craze arrived in Hong Kong, these topics had already caught the attention of alumnus Emil Chan, who has held senior position in a foreign bank. Over the years, Emil is committed to promoting fintech in Hong Kong and has helped to nurture a number of start-up companies.

Nelson Chan Ho-hin (Left)

Bachelor of Computing (Full-time programme)

Himphen Hui Hau-him (right)

Bachelor of Computing (Full-time programme)

Two young IT professionals developed crowdsourcing platform Collaction in their spare time, hoping to contribute to the betterment of society by bringing together the wisdom and strengths of the public. In the past seven years, how has their platform promoted interaction in the online world and facilitated the masses to achieve their goals?

Jonathan Chiu

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering  (Full-time programme)

To establish a concrete presence in the market, an innovation and technology company must be more than technologically sound – it is also critical that it has clearly defined objectives. Computer engineering alumnus Jonathan Chiu has been working in the field since graduation, focusing on 3D printing technology and the optimization of accessories and equipment, as well as developing patented technology. His efforts earned him the appreciation of an international corporation. Now the person-in-charge of an innotech company, Jonathan will share his entrepreneurial journey in technology research.

Alumni Linkage Interview (March 2021 Issue)

Lau Kim-man (left)

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Computing (Part-time programme)

Master of Science in Information Technology with Internet Applications (Part-time programme)

Lau Kim-man and his son Edison Lau experienced rather different learning journeys at the OUHK. They have also witnessed the development of the University over the past three decades. After graduation, the father-son duo has stayed connected with their alma mater in different roles as a core member of an alumni group and a lecturer of the University, passing on the torch to the new generation.

Leon Lau Man-chung 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies (Part-time programme)

More than just a seasoned arborist, alumnus Leon Lau is also an instructor in arboriculture and ecology programmes, as well as the founder of two websites about plants. Turning his passion into a career, his job is now checking the health of trees day after day, while shouldering the mission to educate the public about tree conservation.

Alumni Linkage Interview (March 2020 Issue)

Wong Kai-choi

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics (Part-time programme)

Master of Education (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Economics (Part-time programme)

Alumnus Dr Wong Kai-choi has a busy work life, but he has still been able to manage to complete several Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Mathematics, Economics and Education at the OUHK. He has also been making use of mathematics and statistics to unravel hidden puzzles in medical research. How does a psychiatrist, who has a deep passion for mathematics, gain new insights into mental illness with humanistic care?

Alumni Linkage Interview (July 2019 Issue)

Eric Cheung Chun-lam

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Science (Energy and Environment) (Full-time programme)

Applied Science graduate Eric Cheung uses his self-developed skills in dye extraction from leftover vegetables in a wide range of applications. From a $200 investment in a flea market to having a studio at PMQ, Eric has now become a 'food designer'. Where did his idea of making good use of leftover vegetables come from?

Alumni Linkage Interview (November 2018 Issue)

Michael Fung Kwong-chiu

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing (Full-time programme)

Michael Fung Kwong-chiu (Full-time BSc with Honours in Computing 2015) has developed mobile apps with his schoolmate and friends, and won the championship of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2016. Let's see how Michael makes use of technology to help improve the life of the visually impaired.

Alumni Linkage Interview (March 2018 Issue)

Cyrus Cheng Ka-chi

Bachelor of Computing (Part-time programme)

Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology (Part-time programme)

Ten years ago, Cyrus Cheng Ka-chi entered the workforce to become a salesperson after performing poorly in his A-level examinations. One day, he was asked to work on the programming of the company website, he realized he had a real aptitude and interest in IT. He therefore started studying for a Bachelor degree with honours in Internet technology at the OUHK in 2010. After graduation he made a successful career change into IT, and was soon promoted to a middle management position.

Cyrus observes that some employers have an incorrect picture of OUHK graduates, thinking that they are less competitive. However, Cyrus speaks highly of the OUHK graduates, praising their self-discipline and strong independent learning skills. He believes that it is a good attitude that counts in the workplace, and he encourages youngsters to face the challenges and work towards their goals.


Cheung Kam-wah

Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Sustainability (Part-time programme)

Doctor of Engineering (Part-time programme)

Mr Cheung Kam-wah is the General Manager of Telecom Division of Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited. He obtained a Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Sustainability at OUHK in 2011. The following year, he enrolled in our Doctor of Engineering programme to pursue further studies in energy management. He believed that taking a Part-time programe helps him develop contacts with peopl from different walks of life. He was equally impressed with the professionalism of the instructors, not to mention the comprehensive and practical nature of the programmes.

Mr Cheung thinks that long distance running can be used us a metaphor for studying a Part-time programe. 'Long distance running takes prolonged practice. There are no shortcuts. Likewise, working and studying at the same time are very demanding. It takes good planning, time management and stamina to reach the final destination.'



Ivan Law Ka-ho

Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care (Full-time programme)

Ivan Law Ka-ho liked meeting with people and wanted to get a job which would allow him to interact with people of all types. On the first day of his practicum training in Castle Peak Hospital, he was indeed a bit nervous. However, he soon felt at ease with the patients when he saw that their condition was stable.

Ivan pointed out that mental health nurses have to spend long hours with the patients and pay attention to every detail of their daily activities in order to establish a rapport with them. He wanted to set up a clinic in the future to provide some tailor-made treatments for his patients in order to help them recover and integrate with the community.


Cusson Lee

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing (Full-time programme)

Cusson Lee has suffered from muscular dystrophy since he was a child. He can only move his index fingers slightly to control a mouse. Yet, through his perseverance, he managed to graduate from the OUHK in 2011. In September 2013, he was also awarded as one of the Top Ten Regeneration Warriors.

While Cusson was a student, his mother accompanied him to school every day and took class notes for him. She had to raise up her hand if he did not understand something in class. Looking back at his years of hard work at the OUHK, he and his mother shared lots of good memories. For his graduation project, Cusson decided to build a robot. In addition to the challenge inherent in building the robot, Cusson faced difficulties in communicating with his mother on how to work things out. As the project involved a virtual interface on the computer, Cusson asked his mother to help him assemble the components so that the programme he wrote could be used to drive the robot. By sharing his technical knowledge with his mother during the production process and, most importantly, gaining her support, Cusson eventually completed the course with flying colours.