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'Welcome to “Teen Music”!' Every Friday, you can hear from the radio Sze-pui's pleasant voice making music recommendations as a radio host. Many teenagers dream of becoming a disc jockey but most people just end up doing something else and give up their dreams. Sze-pui is different: she has been working very hard to make her dream come true and now she has her own radio show.

Success favours the prepared mind

Sze-pui is an outgoing young lady very much interested in performing art. So after joining the University, she actively took part in extra-curricular activities such as drama, dancing and was the chairperson of the Dancing Society. From then on, she seriously thought about pursuing a career in performing arts.

After graduation, she landed her first job as an online marketing executive and put the business knowledge she learnt from the OUHK into good use. However, Sze-pui has not forgotten about her dream and continued to equip herself. She has enrolled in singing and MC courses and participated in various talent competitions. Despite all obstacles and barriers, Sze-pui is always positive and she said, 'Every single experience has made me a better person and has brought me closer to my dream!'

Chance favours the prepared mind. In 2013, Sze-pui's dream came true: she joined the DBC Radio. As a freshman DJ, Sze-pui had to learn everything from scratch. She had to attend to both hosting programmes and production and had once worked for 18 hours!

From online to on-air

After DBC had surrendered the license, she never forgot her dream of being a radio host and later became a DJ at the RTHK hosting a music and talk show. 'I enjoy sharing and walking through everything positive with the audience very much,' she said. Interpersonal skill is very important in a DJ's toolkit and Sze-pui said the leadership roles she played during the extra-curricular activities at the University have helped her a great deal. 'I could still remember the days working hard and playing hard with my fellow classmates and friends. They are just like family.' Apart from being a DJ, Sze-pui is now working in the online marketing field and occasionally works as an MC and a voice talent.

When asked about what she has learnt over the years, her response is a simple yet thought-provoking one: Know where you want to go, go extra miles and never be afraid of failure as you would earn lots of useful experience in the process.