Openlink Vol 23 Issue 2 (June 2014)

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 Openlink Vol 23 Issue 2 (June 2014)
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President's Message

Cover Story
Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong officially installed as President video

25th Anniversary Activities

MPF Investment Education Seminar video
Investor Education Day video
OUHK Singing Contest

Cross-Strait Conference on Parent Education video

Distinguished Lecture Series:
Dr Anson Chan — A brilliant leader talks about leadership
Green Cuisine Competition video
Alumni Homecoming Day video

Student Support and Activities

Student Achievements

Sponsorship and Donations

Naming of facilities at Jubilee College

Academic Activities and Alliances

Nursing staff visit Singapore for training


First free mobile app to enhance language proficiency in Hong Kong launched

Knowledge Network — new online learning platform debuts

Mainland Links
Council changes
Bidding farewell to President John C Y Leong
Realizing dreams through the OUHK
New academic staff
Programmes and Courses
LiPACE updates

Alumni Affairs

New Publications

Realizing dreams through the OUHK

Chloe Chan
A beautiful dream comes true

Chloe Chan began her journey to realize her beautiful dream when she enrolled upon the IVE Higher Diploma in Health and Beauty Therapy. Believing that additional, degree-level study could help her to learn and move forward, in 2012 she enrolled on the full-time Bachelor's Degree programme in Beauty and Health with the OUHK.

Chloe said, 'Many of the courses have a strong theoretical component, focusing on topics such as the principles of how different instruments work, as well as the muscular system of the human body. With this knowledge, I will be able to give my clients a massage that is specific to their needs.'

Chloe admitted that during her studies at the OUHK, she initially found the science subjects such as biology and chemistry to be difficult, as her background was in arts. Yet, by working hard and with the patient help of her teachers and classmates, she was able to get through the hard times. Chloe believes that the scientific knowledge she has gained will benefit her in her future career.

While studying with the OUHK, Chloe also worked part-time as a cosmetologist to improve her practical skills. In addition to this, she has participated in a number of open competitions. In 2012, she joined the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition and won the championship in the 'Beauty Care' category. She later represented Hong Kong in the subsequent WorldSkills Competition in Germany and won the Medallion for Excellence in the 'Beauty Therapy' category. Chloe is now gearing up to take part in the Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Chengdu Youth Skills Competition in October of this year, and she hopes that she will once again shine with her beauty skills.

What are her future plans? After graduation, Chloe hopes to find a job in a large company so that she can put what she has already learnt into practice and continue to learn more about the beauty profession. She hopes to concentrate in body treatment with specialization in massage. Eventually, she hopes to be a trainer so that she can share her knowledge with people who are interested in entering this field.

Riley Leung and Cheng Tsun-ho
Chasing dreams on the silver screen

Riley Leung and Cheng Tsun-ho, both graduates of the full-time Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing and Film Arts programme, have achieved success and recognition with the skills and knowledge that they have acquired at the OUHK.

Riley Leung has won a number of awards in both local and overseas film festivals for his short films Remains and More than Ice-cream. His success is all the more remarkable because at the time of his enrolment on the programme, he admits that he did not know much about film. When he enrolled in the course Introduction to Film Art, almost all of the classic movies listed were unfamiliar to him.

Yet, after beginning his studies, he became increasingly interested in finding out more about film arts. In Year 2 of his studies, he began borrowing short films from the library and developed an interest in the genre. He said of this time, 'At that time, shooting a full-length feature film felt like it was a very long way off for me, but making a short film seemed like something that I could handle. This way I can share what is on my mind with viewers using images.' Riley reckons that he knew nothing about film production then, and the hands-on experience with camera lenses in the classroom helped him a lot.

Similarly, Cheng Tsun-ho, after obtaining a Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design, chose to pursue further studies at the OUHK to explore his interest in creative writing. He won the Best Cinematography Award (Students Division) in the Fresh Wave 2013 — International Short Film Festival with his entry No Way Out.The Award was a happy surprise and has given him more confidence to pursue his dreams but he initially enrolled on the programme with an interest in writing rather than film.

What he learnt from the programme has influenced his philosophy on making documentaries: 'We should know more about the characters and their lives, and try to think from their perspective. Then we can make a documentary that touches people's hearts.' He is also especially thankful to lecturers Ms Venus Lai and Mr Dan Ip for the guidance and support that they provided to him over the years.

Upon graduation, both of them have been finding their own paths forward to pursue their dreams and plan to do more shootings, hoping to become better-known within the industry and enjoy new opportunities for creative expression. While Riley has been writing a script for a feature film, recently both Riley and Tsun-ho are joining hands to produce a short video series for a local television station.