Existing alumni groups

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Existing alumni groups

(local alumni groups established before 1 September 2021)

  • If an existing alumni group intends to use ‘Hong Kong Metropolitan University’ as part of its title, it must submit the documents listed in the Policies and Guidelines for HKMU Alumni Groups (Chinese version only) (please refer to section 3.4) to the University through HKMUAA before 31 December 2022 and apply as an Affiliated Member of HKMUAA#. For the preparation of documents and details of the application procedures, please contact Development and Alumni Affairs Office at 2768 6381 or email alumni@hkmu.edu.hk.

    #Currently, applications for affiliated membership of HKMUAA are only open to local alumni groups. Mainland and overseas alumni groups will not be admitted.


  • After receiving the written approval for the usage of the ‘Hong Kong Metropolitan University’ title from the University, existing alumni groups must update their titles with the institution they are registered with (i.e. the Hong Kong Police’s Societies Office or the Companies Registry) within three months. After that, they should submit the document of successful registration to HKMUAA and become an Affiliated Member.
  • If an existing alumni group has no intention to become an Affiliated Member of HKMUAA, or has not submitted an application before the deadline, it will not be allowed to use ‘Hong Kong Metropolitan University’ as part of its title. The University will not recognize such alumni groups, and will notify the institution of registration concerned.

Should there be any enquiries, please check the FAQs or contact the Development and Alumni Affairs Office.

Enquiry:2768 6381/ alumni@hkmu.edu.hk