Alumni as members - FAQs

Alumni Hong Kong Metropolitan University Alumni Association (HKMUAA) Join HKMUAA Alumni as members - FAQs

You are welcome to join as an Associate Member.

Yes, you are welcome to join as an Ordinary Member.

After graduation, your membership will be upgraded to the Ordinary Member level in the conferment month.

We are sorry that LiPACE graduates are not eligible for the membership programme.

You can only upload one photo to the system for all cards in the app.

Please contact the Development and Alumni Affairs Office.

Tel: 27686381 / 2768 6377


  • Membership fee for Ordinary Member and Associate Member in the first year of establishment will be HK$100. Currently there is no membership fee for Life Member and Affiliated Member. The membership fee will be subject to review by HKMUAA regularly and make reasonable adjustments accordingly.
  • A membership fee waiver is on offer from now until 31 December 2027.

We are sorry that we do not issue physical membership cards.

All applications will be processed soon. Successful applicants will receive an email notification and the membership e-card will be shown in HKMU Alumni+.

The membership term of both Ordinary Members and Associate Members is valid for one year from the date of approval and is renewable annually. Members will receive a reminder from HKMU Alumni+ one month before the expiry of membership.  For Life Members and Affiliated Members, the membership is permanent.