Executive Committee

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Executive Committee

The principal functions of the Executive Committee are to execute the decisions approved by the Board, to organize activities fulfilling the objectives of HKMUAA, and to communicate with members, the University and the community at large on behalf of and as authorized by the Board. According to the Rules of Procedures Governing the HKMUAA Executive Committee, the first session of the Executive Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors, while thereafter, the Committee will be elected by HKMUAA Ordinary and Life Members.

Membership of the Second Session of the Executive Committee

Mr LEUNG Kwok-shing
Bachelor of General Studies, 2019 (Part-time)
Vice President:
Mr CHOU Sai-kit
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities, 2008 (Part-time)
Vice President:
Ms MA Weina
Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours, 2017 (Full-time)
Secretary of the Executive Committee:
Mr MOK Ling-chung
Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Business Management, 2020 (Full-time)
Finance Director:
Mr KAN Sze-hang
Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management with Honours,
2021 (Full-time)
Director of Membership:
Mr TIAN Yujia
Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology,
2018 (Full-time)
Director of Public Relations:
Mr KAM Chun-yi, Thomas
Diploma in Law Enforcement and Security Management, 2006 (Part-time)
Bachelor of Social Sciences in Law Enforcement and Security Management, 2010 (Part-time)
Ms CHAN Shun
(Representative of HKMU Nursing Alumni Association)

Higher Diploma in Nursing Studies (General Health Care),
2015 (Full-time)
Higher Diploma in Nursing, 2019 (Full-time)
Bachelor of Nursing, 2020 (Part-time)
Mr CHEUNG Hok-hin, Alan
(Representative of The MBA Association of Hong Kong Metropolitan University Limited)

Master of Professional Accounting, 2001 (Part-time)
Mr WONG Kwan-chung
(Representative of Hong Kong Metropolitan University Past Student Network)

Bachelor of General Studies, 1994 (Part-time)
Ex-officio Member:
Mr WONG Kwun-lun
Bachelor of Arts In Chinese Language and Literature, 2010 (Full-time)