Shared Memories

HKMU 35th Anniversary Shared Memories

My name is Tang Yiu-ting. I'm currently a fourth-year student pursuing a double degree in the Bachelor of Applied Psychology with Honours and the Bachelor of Business Management with Honours programmes. Congratulations to HKMU on its 35th Anniversary!

In my first year of study, I received the Go Further Award, which provided me with financial support to join a study trip. The trip was postponed because of the pandemic, so only in the summer of Year 3 did I finally embark on my journey. This gave me an invaluable opportunity to interact and form friendships with awardees from various years. I also cultivated meaningful relationships with the teachers. We spent two weeks together, and I had a chance to learn about the local culture while studying, which broadened my horizons and gave me some unforgettable memories. It also inspired me to consider pursuing a career abroad.

Student: Raphael Tang Yiu-ting (back row, left) (Bachelor of Applied Psychology with Honours and Bachelor of Business Management with Honours)

My sincere congratulations to Hong Kong Metropolitan University on its 35th anniversary.

In retrospect, I was one of the many who benefited from the University's philosophy of “Education for All”, which provided a second chance for many working people who could not be admitted to other universities. A few years ago, I completed a distance-learning bachelor's degree programme at HKMU. Thanks to the excellent teaching and learning resources, my passion for learning was rekindled, and I sailed with preseverance on my journey of work and study. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, I continued to study and successfully completed the master's degree programme. My decision to pursue distance-learning programmes at HKMU induced a change in my career path and strengthened my determination to learn. I was also honoured to work for the HKMU School of Open Learning. Upholding the spirit of inheritance, I actively promoted distance-learning programmes, and organised various activities for students and provided learning-support measures to meet their needs. Together, let us celebrate the 35th anniversary of HKMU and look forward to witnessing the University's efforts to achieve excellence and manifest its commitment to innovation in the next 35 years!

Alumna: Kobe Law Yuen-kan (Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management 2017)

I joined the University in January 2015, when it was still known as the Open University of Hong Kong. I have been working in the Department of Creative Arts (CA) since then. I found that working in the CA is not just a job; it has become a daily routine and part of my life. Eileen Chang (張愛玲) once said: “Perhaps love is neither enthusiasm nor nostalgia, but time, and it has become a part of life over time.” I believe that many of my colleagues have invested their emotions, effort, energy, and many other things in the CA, just as I have. Encounters with colleagues and students make teaching more than just work.

Having worked at the University for nine years, I have accumulated many precious memories. One of the most precious was on 22 December 2016, when dozens of us in the CA went to a colleague's studio in Fo Tan for a gathering and took these two very natural photos. Everything is sort of everyday and ordinary, but it has the flavour of memories. I hope that the now renamed Hong Kong Metropolitan University will continue to be full of the strong human touch and make this more than just a place for work. Happy 35th Anniversary, HKMU!

Staff: Dr Rebecca Leung Mo-ling (top: back row, left/ bottom: third left) (Associate Dean and Associate Professor, School of Arts and Social Sciences)

Happy anniversary to HKMU – a place I call my second home.

Hello everyone. My name is Naila, and I'm a fourth-year student studying the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Life Sciences programme. I joined HKMU in 2022 as a senior year entry student. In just one year, HKMU has provided me with many great opportunities and resources to grow and develop, not only academically, but also personally. I am so grateful to be a part of the Student Ambassador programme, as I've learned valuable skills, met amazing people, and made memories that I will always cherish. I am especially thankful to all my professors and the university staff for nurturing me and providing a friendly and supportive learning environment. I am still making the most of my final year, but I know I will surely miss this wonderful time at HKMU.

Student: Naila (back row, left) (Bachelor of Science with Honours in Life Sciences)

Congratulations to HKMU on its 35th anniversary. Coincidentally, I turned 35 when I graduated with an MBA at HKMU.

My best subject at University was “Business Law” in the BBA programme, which facilitated my communication with my son, who studied law. However, I failed the “Creativity” course in the MBA programme. Frustrated though I was, I still remember that the course mentioned that creativity originated from reverse thinking. Being an experienced wine critic, I was inspired to devote myself to promoting Chinese wines at an early stage. My team and I developed a wine-rating scale that helped people do wine judging. I'm glad that the state leaders are also promoting national wine drinking. Thanks to the practical knowledge I gained at HKMU, I was invited to assist in the enrichment programme of Hong Kong and Taiwan universities, though I had not studied the “Research Methods” course. My five years of study in the MBA programme at HKMU provided me with valuable lifetime benefits!

Alumnus: Sammy Leung Wai-man (Bachelor of Business Administration 1998, Master of Business Administration 2003)

Happy 35th Anniversary to our beloved university! As a member of this institution for 28 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing its remarkable evolution. It began as a humble institution, dedicated to providing distance-learning programs to adult learners. Today, we stand tall as a full-fledged university, offering a comprehensive range of programmes from undergraduate to doctoral degrees. Our journey has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to education and our ability to adapt and grow. We have not only expanded our academic offerings but also broadened our reach, touching the lives of countless students along various stages of their educational journey. As we celebrate this milestone, let's honor our past, celebrate our present, and look forward to a future filled with continued growth and excellence. Happy Anniversary, HKMU!

Staff: Dr Nigel Leung Chi-chung (Associate Professor, Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration)

Happy 35th Anniversary, Hong Kong Metropolitan University! As I reflect on my time at HKMU, I am filled with gratitude for the countless memories and experiences that have shaped my journey.

This esteemed institution has not only provided me with a top-notch education, but has also given me something irreplaceable: lifelong relationships. The caring and motivating individuals I have encountered here have become pillars of support, forming a social circle on which I can always depend. One particular memory stands out vividly in my mind. During my first year, I nervously attended an event organised by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) and was uncertain about my abilities and unfamiliar with everyone there. However, the warm reception I received from the university community was overwhelming. They recognised my willingness to step out of my comfort zone and supported me wholeheartedly, boosting my confidence along the way. Since then, they have continuously provided me with opportunities for growth and involvement. I will be forever grateful for the unwavering support of the SAO and HKMU. On this momentous occasion, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to HKMU and express my deepest appreciation for the life-changing experiences and cherished connections it has given me. Here's to 35 years of excellence and countless more to come!

Student: Raza Pyar Ali (Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Global Business and Marketing)

I studied the Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education programme at HKMU (formerly The Open University of Hong Kong) for over three years. I am grateful to HKMU for its excellent teachers and practical programmes. The teachers had different backgrounds and plenty of experience. They shared their hands-on experience and guided me to apply my frontline teaching experience in my assignments, which received affirmative feedback and stimulated my teaching. The University used various secondary schools as tutorial venues at the time, and we had to hurry to the venues after work to attend classes. I treasured the interaction with the teachers. It is a lovely memory. Happy Birthday to HKMU!

Alumna: Fung Wai-man (Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education 2008)

The year 2024 marks the 35th anniversary of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, a significant milestone in the history of the University. I am delighted to have witnessed the growth of HKMU as a staff member and alumna.

HKMU gave me a wonderful campus life. Studying at the University provided me with many happy memories, and the bonds I shared with my classmates remain strong to this day. After graduation, I joined my alma mater and continued to contribute to the University in another capacity. From the early days when campus space was limited to the subsequent construction of other campuses, I witnessed the development of HKMU at different stages. In recent years, I have been happy to see the brilliant achievements of the University and hope that it will continue to progress, nurturing more outstanding talent for society. Happy 35th Anniversary, HKMU!

Staff: Jamie Lee Tsz-ching (Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Office)

My name is Emily Kwong Tsz-yan, and I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care. On this special occasion of HKMU's 35th anniversary, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the University.

The past four years of my university life have been filled with wonderful moments. Along this journey, I have had the privilege of meeting amazing friends, gaining valuable experience, and acquiring professional knowledge. These moments have become precious memories that I will always cherish. HKMU has provided students with numerous valuable opportunities to explore their potential. Personally, I discovered my passion for singing by participating in a singing contest. The stage became a platform for me to express myself and immerse myself in the realm of possibilities. I am truly grateful to the University for nurturing my enthusiasm and inspiring me to strive for excellence. Once again, congratulations to HKMU, and I wholeheartedly wish the University a prosperous future. May it continue to excel in providing a conducive learning environment and enriching campus life.

Student: Emily Kwong Tsz-yan (front row, right) (Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care)

Half of my four-year University life was spent in distance-learning. Time flies, and it feels as if I suddenly graduated. Perhaps that's why I treasured every moment I spent in HKMU. I still remember the many moments I shared with my classmates: filming a documentary together, singing loudly in the back staircase, sometimes running down eight floors of stairs after class when we couldn't wait for the elevator, and discussing everything from what to have for lunch to what to expect after graduation. I am grateful that I successfully completed my university journey. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and classmates of CWFA (Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts programme), and to the Development and Alumni Affairs Office for offering me an internship opportunity, which enriched my university life.

I wish HKMU prosperous development and success in nurturing more outstanding talent!

Alumnus: Mak Wan-ching (Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts 2023)

How time flies! Hong Kong Metropolitan University is celebrating its 35th anniversary. I wish the University every success in its continuous endeavours to serve as a cradle to nurture talent.

I studied business before I decided to return to school in 2020 to pursue the Chinese Language and Literature programme at HKMU. At first, since I didn't have a clear mind and strong focus, it took me extra effort to complete my assignments, and I always had to work overnight. Later, I made use of the University's e-learning information platform to facilitate my studies. I went from lacking confidence in studying literature to enjoying learning Chinese literature, and learning has now become part of my life. In 2021, I joined the School of Open Learning's newly formed volunteer service team, “Vpower”, which targets distance-learning and part-time students. I participated in various activities, during which I experienced self-discovery and was delighted to have the opportunity to grow up with my teammates together as a family, developing a strong team spirit. I was also proud to receive the “Gold Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.”

Student: Bonnie Wong Ka-ming (Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature)

I dreamed of being a registered nurse working in clinical setting to serve the community, but my story changed in my third year of study. I was fascinated by the nursing research module, which made me believe that I could have a greater impact on society doing research than working in a hospital. I am thankful that the teachers and staff of the Student Affairs Office were very supportive. They provided me with guidance while I walked along a unique path as a health researcher. I completed a Master's programme in music psychology after getting a Bachelor's degree. Then, I embarked on a research career by working as a Research Associate at a University and working on various health-related projects.

During my studies at HKMU, I was honoured to be awarded the Talent Development Scholarships (2013-17) and The Best Athlete of the Year (2017-18). In addition to recognising my achievements, these honours financially supported my sports training and participation in competitions. I was also glad to be selected as a Sports Leader, which offered me the opportunity to promote sports at HKMU with other leaders. We also took part in sports exchange tours with universities in Beijing, Taipei, and so forth.

Alumni: Mandy Kan Ming-pui (Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) in General Health Care 2018)