Campus Life Enrichment Funds

Student Affairs Office Campus Life Enrichment Funds

The Campus Life Enrichment Funds (Funds) aim to financially support individual FTUG students or student groups to organise or participate, on a voluntary basis, in activities or projects that enrich the campus life experience, enhance personal development as well as to bring positive impacts to the University community.

The grant facilitates not-for-profit, small or informal student groups of not less than 3 FTUG students to initiate short term project ideas or new student interest groups that related to one of the followings:

  1. Enhancing the campus community engagement; or
  2. Instilling positive energy to the campus community; or
  3. Nurturing youth values.

We are looking for activities that offer shared creative experiences to bring the HKMU community together.


  • The initiated activities should take place in the period of 15 Jan to 13 Apr 2024;
  • The proposal idea should achieve at least one objective stated above;
  • Any kinds of activities with gambling element, including Poker and Mahjong, will not be considered;
  • The applicant should be the PIC and the contact person of the project;
  • All the members of the group should be active FTUG students;
  • The activity should be non-profit-making;
  • To facilitate the applications from student groups with the different start dates of the term, two windows will be opened as follows.

Level of Support: Up to $5,000 to each project, subject to the activity scale and number of beneficiaries, a higher subsidy level may be considered case by case.

Quota: 10 Groups (Priority will be given to applications with higher numbers of beneficiaries; in case of any dispute, the decision of SAO shall be final.)

Eligibility: Only organisers or participants of FTUG students will be subsidised.

Application Method:

An online application should be submitted for prior approval before the commencement of your event. Applicant is required to submit the Project Completion Form one month upon the completion of the event for subsidy application.


Application Timeline:


Application Deadline

Activity Period

First round

31 Dec 2023

15 Jan to 13 Apr 2024

Second round

30 Apr 2024

16 May to 3 Aug 2024

Interested students who wish to explore the feasibility of the project ideas before submitting the application may contact our staff at to make an appointment, subject to the activity nature, SAO may facilitate the project implementation by providing necessary tangible supports such as venues and publicity.

The subsidy scheme supports individual students to engage in different life enrichment activities in Hong Kong which take place during 1 Oct 2023 to 18 Aug 2024.

  1. Art Appreciation and Cultural Activities
  2. Local/ International/ Regional Academic Competition/ Conference
  3. Public Examination/ License for Professional Development
  4. Sports Competition/ Campaign/ Running Race
  5. Training/ Workshop for Personal Development

Eligibility: All full time undergraduate students

Level of Support:

  • Category 1 – 5: Up to $300 or the actual cost, whichever is lower to each application

Quota: 600 (FTUG students only; first-come-first-served)

Apply Now: Online Application via MyHKMU [User guide for application]


  1. Each student can submit one application for the life enrichment activity which takes place during 1 Oct 2023 to 18 Aug 2024 and fulfils at least one criteria;
  2. No prior application is required;
  3. Students are required to submit the activity receipt during the application;
  4. Application not fulfilling all requirements will be rejected.

Application Method:
Interested students can submit the application via MyHKMU by 18 Aug 2024.