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The Campus Life Enrichment Funds (Funds) is to financially support student groups or individual students to organize or participate, on a voluntary basis, in activities or projects that enrich the campus life experience and reinforce personal development. Taking the opportunities of the University’s retitling to the Hong Kong Metropolitan University, the Funds will also provide support to students to joint hands with the University in her rebranding exercise to the campus community and the public.

The scheme provides monetary support to various self-enhancement activities which take place during 28 Sep 2021 to 24 Aug 2022. Eligible students are required to submit a self-enhancement plan to MyHKMU at least 2 weeks prior to its start date for prior approval. Upon completion of the approved activity, students are required to submit the evidence of self-enhancement for application of the subsidy.


Eligibility: All HKMU full-time undergraduate students


Level of Support: A one-off subsidy of HK$1,000 to eligible students who have demonstrated their efforts to seek personal enhancement.

Category of Enhancement Activities and Required Supporting Documents:


Category of Enhancement Activities

Required Documents

Organizing Unit

File Format


Completion of an examination and/or obtaining license(s) for professional development

(e.g. Language Proficiency Test, Licensing Examination, Instructor/ Trainer Certification, Lifesaving Medallion, First Aid Certificate, Driving License, Electrical Work Certification, etc.)

Certificates/ Licenses issued by the examination or licensing authority OR

Result of passing the examination/ test

External Organizations



LinkedIn Profile Creation and completion of 2 online courses offered on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Profile Creation User Guide [pdf]

A LinkedIn profile and resume showing your photo, personal particulars, summary, working experiences, education, skills and 2 completed LinkedIn Learning courses.

External Organizations



Internship / Placement


  1. at least 4 weeks of the serving period of the internship or placement should fall into 28 Sep 2021 to 31 Jul 2022. Part time job is not accepted.
  2. placement required by the programme such as clinical practicum would not be counted as valid self-enhancement activity.

Please click here for the internship opportunities offer by SAO

A short reflection of at least 100 words justifying your learning outcome.

External Organizations or SAO



Skill-acquisition activities organized by external organizations that students can justify how their personal portfolio is enhanced.

External Organizations



Career Education & Development Activities offered by the University

Please click here for the details and programme schedule

Virtual Career Month 2022: Details
Career Training Workshops: Details
KMB X HKMU Career Taster Programmes: Details




Service Learning Programme and Community Services offered by the University

Please click here for the details and programme schedule




Campus Life Enrichment and Moral Education Activities offered by the University

Campus Life Enrichment Activities: Details
Get Fit Challenge: Please refer to the mass email
Let's Go Green Campaign: Please refer to the mass email
2022 Spring Term Online PE Courses: Details




Learning Enhancement Workshops offered by the University

Please click here for the details and programme schedule



*Remarks: The activities held before 14 Dec 2021 and listed on SAO website would be recognized as valid self-enhancement activities. Students are still required to submit a self-enhancement plan which is relevant to the corresponding activity for approval and submit the supporting evidence for application of subsidy. The lead time for approving the self-enhancement plan normally takes 10 working days, subject to the number of application received each batch.

Application Procedures:

  1. Each student can submit ONE application for the self-enhancement activity which takes place during 28 Sep 2021 to 24 Aug 2022 via MyHKMU.
    (MyHKMU > My Programme > Financial Assistance/ Scholarships > Student Enhancement Scheme).
    Deadline of activity plan submission: 11:59pm, 11 Aug 2022
    Deadline of evidence submission: 11:59pm, 24 Aug 2022
  1. To allow time for plan approval, students should submit their self-enhancement plan indicating the activity they will take up at least 2 weeks prior to its start date.
  2. Students may start their activity after obtaining approval for their event.
  3. Upon completion of the activity, students should submit their Evidence of self-enhancement within 2 weeks so that the subsidy will be released. Supporting documents such as certificates, resume and self-reflection should be consolidated into ONE Word/ PDF File and uploaded via MyHKMU.
  4. In general, subsidy will be released 2 weeks from the date of receipt of all necessary documents, subject to provision of completed documents and the number of applications received each batch.

User guide: [pdf]

The Student Life Enrichment Subsidy Scheme supports FTUG individual students to engage in different life enrichment activities in Hong Kong which take place during 1 Oct 2021 to 24 Aug 2022:

1. Art Appreciation Activity (eg. Museum, gallery, exhibition visit, literary film watching etc.)
2. Music Appreciation Activity (eg. Classical musical concert, pop music concert etc.)
3. Health and Fitness Activity (eg. LCSD Fitness Room Monthly Ticket Scheme, Sports venue fee etc.)
4. Mindfulness and Spiritual Self-Care Activity (eg. Tea meditation, calligraphy meditation etc.)
5. Other Cultural Activity (e.g. Craft and making activities, creative writing workshops)

Eligibility: All HKMU full- time undergraduate students

Level of support: Up to $100 or the actual cost, whichever is lower, to each application.

Quota: 5000 (on first-come-first-served basis)

1. Each student can submit one application for the life enrichment activity which take place during 1 Oct 2021 to 24 Aug 2022.
2. No prior application is required;
3. Students are required to submit the activity receipt during the application.

Application method:
Interested students can submit the application via MyHKMU.

User guide: [pdf]