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HKMU Debating Team


Hong Kong Metropolitan University Chinese Debating Team (HKMU Chinese Debating Team) has been established for 6 years, which is one of the school teams and is managed by the Student Affairs Office.

HKMU Chinese Debating Team always strives for the best. They have participated in various mass competitions to strengthen the debating skills of universities’ students, such as the “Inter-collegiate Debate Competition”, “Hong Kong Youth Cup 2021” and “Inter-collegiate Debate Championship organized by the Radio-Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Basic Law Cup”, and etc.

In the past year, HKMU Chinese Debating Team was awarded as the champion in the “University of Toronto Chinese Debate Competition Finals 2021” hosted by the Translation Studies & Career Path Association (TSCPA). In addition, they have successfully entered the semi-final and achieved the 2nd runner-up in the “Inter-collegiate Debate Competition” in the same year.

Having gone through the sweets and bitters of the past, HKMU Chinese Debating Team will cultivate the Chinese debating talents and strive for excellence in the upcoming year.

The 6th Hong Kong Metropolitan University Debating Team Members list

Captain: TSANG Ching Miu
Internal Vice-captain: NG Chin Ching
External Vice-captain: MOK Chun Chung
Executive Secretary: CHEUNG Huen
Administrative Secretary: LEE Yee Ting
Editor: POON Tsz Wing