Distance Learning Students Policies and Guidelines Distance Learning Programmes Student Handbook Glossary
advanced standing The recognition of tertiary level studies successfully completed at a different institution. The OUHK may award you credits in respect of these studies towards an OUHK award.
assignment A piece of work to be completed by a student as fulfilment of the continuous assessment requirements of a course. Assignments are marked by a tutor or assignments (multiple choice) marked using computer software. Most assignment scores contribute to the course result.
credits Each course is usually worth 5, 10 or 20 credits. As you continue to complete courses, the credits are added together until you have accumulated enough credits to obtain an OUHK award.
day school A meeting between a tutor and a group of students normally lasting three or more hours. Participation in these sessions may be considered when determining the student's final result.
excluded combination Sometimes two different courses contain so high a proportion of common material that they form an excluded combination. Provided that they do not fall under the category of 'courses not allowed to be taken again', you can register for these different courses if you wish, but you are not allowed to count both of them towards a single award.
courses not allowed to be taken again A course may be replaced by a revised version that still contains very similar materials. Students who have successfully completed the phased out course in a particular group will not be allowed to register for the corresponding replacement course. If a change in course level is involved, the revised level will be used towards the classification of award.
Postgraduate programmes/courses Postgraduate programmes/courses are normally delivered in face-to-face mode unless otherwise specified. Part-time postgraduate programmes/courses delivered in face-to-face mode are normally referred to as postgraduate programmes/courses.
Part-time programmes/courses Part-time programmes/courses are normally delivered in distance learning/elearning mode unless otherwise specified.
prerequisite A course or level of study which you are strongly advised to complete before registering for a specific course.
registration value The workload of each course in a particular term. You are strongly advised not to take courses which add up to more than a certain registration value.
supplementary lecture A meeting conducted by a tutor/Course Coordinator for all students of a course.
surgery A problem-solving session run by a tutor for any students enrolled on the course who wish to attend.
tutorial A regularly scheduled meeting between a tutor and his/her group of students in which tutors facilitate student participation and problem-solving. Unless specified otherwise, tutorials are voluntary and do not normally exceed two hours.


Modified Date: Jun 24, 2019