5 Programme of study, courses and awards

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5 Programme of study, courses and awards

Programme of study

Registration at OUHK is normally done by programme of study. Our programmes work on a flexible credit accumulation basis. To obtain an award, you are required to follow the regulations governing your programme of study, which outline the number of credits and the courses you need to complete.

If you are a new student, the University will send you a copy of the regulations governing your programme of study, as appropriate, following your first course registration.

Programme Regulations may be updated from time to time. You are advised to check and obtain copies of the most up-to-date regulations by: (i) downloading from the OUHK website (Current Students); or (ii) going to the Registry Reception in Block A of the Main Campus. Programme Regulations are normally updated twice a year and will be available in May and November.

You are also advised to contact your Programme Leader for matters related to your studies.

Level of courses

Each course normally carries a credit value. Courses will normally run for one or two terms and the first digit of the course code generally indicates the level of the course as follows:

1st digit Level of course
0* Pre-foundation: These courses are designed as primers for higher education. They have no prerequisites. They are especially suitable for new students. These courses may be counted towards sub-degree programmes but not degree programmes.
1 Foundation: These courses have no recommended prerequisites. They are the entry level courses for students wishing to study for a degree. They are especially suitable for new students.
2 Middle: These courses may have recommended prerequisites at the Foundation level.
3 Higher: Normally, these courses will have recommended prerequisites. In order to obtain a degree, a student must complete courses at this level.
4 Higher (Honours): Normally, these courses have recommended prerequisites and are prescribed as part of the requirements for an Honours degree.
8 or 9 Postgraduate: These are courses offered under a Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma, Master's or Doctorate Degree.

* Some courses have no credit value attached to them. The course code of these courses also starts with '0'.

Continuous assessment and examination measure your success in any course. As you successfully complete your course, the credits will be added to your record. You can obtain your award upon accumulation of enough credits for the appropriate level of award as prescribed.

Levels of awards

The OUHK's programmes lead to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Many of the programmes also have early exit points, e.g. sub-degrees and ordinary degrees. Students may consider obtaining a lower award before completing additional credits and satisfying the requirements for the higher award.

Bachelor's Degrees

The OUHK offers a range of named undergraduate degree programmes. However, if your particular interests or career requirements are not met by one of the OUHK's undergraduate degree programmes, you may decide to aim for the award of Bachelor of General Studies. This degree programme offers students the opportunity to construct their own programme of study that will lead to an unclassified degree. However, the programme of study must remain within the framework of the OUHK's degree regulations. For further information and advice, please contact Admissions and Enrolment Office (Part-time & Postgraduate).

You may decide to pursue an honours degree from the beginning and plan your studies with that objective in mind. A student who has been awarded an OUHK degree may continue to take courses in order to upgrade it to an honours degree. When you have completed the necessary requirements, you can apply to relinquish/ articulate your degree for an honours degree.

While ordinary degrees are not classified, honours degrees will have the following classifications: First, Second (Upper Division), Second (Lower Division) and Third Class Honours.

Postgraduate Degrees

The University offers postgraduate degrees (Master's, Master of Philosophy and Doctorate Degrees) by coursework or by research or by a combination of coursework and thesis. In addition, there are Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma programmes. Students wishing to enrol in the programmes must demonstrate that they have already attained the required level of academic knowledge and duration of work experience in the related field as appropriate.


In addition to offering sub-degree programmes as early exit points in some of our undergraduate programmes, the University also offers a number of stand-alone sub-degree programmes, mainly professional programmes. Interested students may enroll on these programmes directly.


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