2 Academic year

Distance Learning Students Policies and Guidelines Distance Learning Programmes Student Handbook 2 Academic year
2 Academic year
The academic year starts with the Autumn term in September followed by the Spring term. The Spring term will be followed by a 12-week summer break* before the next academic year begins.

Both the Autumn and Spring terms last for 20 weeks with the last four weeks as an examination period. The Summer term, if applicable, lasts for 12 weeks with the last two weeks as an examination period.

At the beginning of each academic year, students are advised to plan ahead for the courses they wish to take. There are three separate re-registration periods for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms which will start in June, November and March/April respectively.

* In some programmes or courses, the summer break is used for study purposes i.e. Summer term.







Modified Date: Jun 03, 2020