Centre for International Business

李兆基商業管理學院 研究 Institute of International Business and Governance Centre for International Business

The Centre for International Business (CIB) has been established under IIBG. The centre is responsible for research in three different fields: 1) big data analytics; 2) foreign direct investment; and 3) internationalization strategies of Chinese firms. Each field is led by an internationally renowned Distinguished Professor and a senior academic staff member of the OUHK. The research focus and work-in-progress of the three fields are as follows:

Big Data Analytics Team

Dr Matthew Yeung (HKMU)
Professor Graham Kendall (The University of Nottingham)

With the invaluable research experience of Professor Graham Kendall, a globally renowned expert in application of operations research and big data in sports, the team explores the impact of factors such as the incorporation of influential players, scheduling of fixtures and changes of managers on match outcomes. In addition, the team will also investigate the shock from relegation using intervention analysis.

Foreign Direct Investment Team

Professor Alan Au (OUHK)
Professor Mario Kafouros (University of Manchester)

Under the supervision of Professor Mario Kafouros, an internationally celebrated scholar in innovation and international business, the team concentrates on research related to foreign direct investment, international business and innovation. The team explores research opportunities related to foreign direct investment in the global business world, and generates research output that benefits academics, the public and the business communities.

Internationalization Strategies of Chinese Firms Team

Dr Matthew Yeung (OUHK)

The team focuses on research related to government policies and internationalization strategies of Chinese firms. It explores research opportunities linking various government policies and regulations up with different types of internationalization strategies of Chinese firms including start-ups in the Asia-Pacific region, thus examining the impact of regulatory settings on new business creation and growth.

International Marketing Team

Professor Alan Au (OUHK)
Professor Peter Buckley (University of Leeds)

Under the guidance of Professor Peter Buckley, an internationally renowned scholar in international business, the research team focuses on international consumer behaviour. The team attempts to explore the issues related to emerging markets, buyer-seller relationships, and cross-border business.