IDS Funded Activities (Jan 2015 - May 2018)

School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities IDS Funded Activities (Jan 2015 - May 2018)

IDS Funded Activities (Jan 2015-May 2018)





Symposium on Sustaining the Ocean in the Asia Pacific 
(Co-organised with Institute for Research in Innovative Technology and Sustainability)

Field Trips

Field Work Trip 2017 (Tokyo) 22 to 27 October 2017 
Theme: Digital Culture and Humanities in Greater Tokyo
Persons-in-charge: Prof Kwok-kan TAM, Dr CHAN Kit Yee, Dr Kaby KUNG Wing-sze, Dr Sunny LAM Sui-kwong, Mr Anthony CHAN Yat-ming, Mr Nelson TAM Hoi-ming
Field Work Trip 2017 (Beijing) 8 to 12 May 2017
Theme: Exploring Chinese Literature and Film Materials in the Aspects of Database Management, Display and Digitalization
Persons-in-charge: Dr. Rebecca Leung Mo Ling, Ms. Janet Lau Man Ying, Mr. Dan Ip Hiu Tan and Mr. Walter Wong Shu Kei
Field Work Trip 2016 (Shanghai and Hangzhou) 15 to 19 May 2016 
Theme: Digital Impacts on Animation, Film, Theatre, and Education – Experience and Experiment from Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta
Persons-in-charge: Prof. Kwok-kan TAM, Dr. Sunny S. K. LAM, Dr. Anna W. B. TSO, Ms. Venus Y. M. LAI, Mr. Nelson H. M. TAM, Mr. Vincent S. F. MAK
Field Work Trip 2015 (Tokyo) 23 to 27 August 2015
Theme: Digitalization and Museums – Impression and Experience from Tokyo
Persons-in-charge: Ms Janet Lau and Mr Walter Wong