Message from the Centre Director

School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Ina Ho Cantonese Opera Research Centre Message from the Centre Director

“Ina Ho Cantonese Opera Research Centre” of Hong Kong Metropolitan University was officially established in August 2023. On 19 August 3023 (Saturday), “Glamour of Cantonese Opera Shines through the Academia – Opening Ceremony of Ina Ho Cantonese Opera Research Centre cum Cantonese Opera Performance” was held at the Xiqu Centre , West Kowloon Cultural District. I am deeply honored to assume the position of Centre Director.

With the generous donation from Dr Ho Chan Un-Chan, “Ina Ho Cantonese Opera Research Centre” upholds the mission of promoting traditional Chinese culture. Through activities such as translating Cantonese opera libretti and excerpts into English, online Cantonese opera courses and appreciation, large-scale conferences, academic seminars, refined performances and professional demonstrations, we hope to promote Cantonese opera, as a valuable traditional form of art,  to audiences of different backgrounds and age groups locally and overseas.

With the rapid development of multimedia platforms, we are also committed to promoting and organizing a series of cultural activities related to Cantonese opera through various multimedia channels. We are also dedicated to making efforts to digitize and archive precious Cantonese opera materials for public appreciation.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support from the university and the public. I hope that this newly established centre will soon flourish, blossoming flowers and bearing fruits of success.

  • Dr Kelly Chan, Associate Professor (Language and Translation), School of Arts snd Social Sciences, Hong Kong Metropolitan University