Optimization Methods for Decision Making

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MATH S373 Optimization Methods for Decision Making
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  • MATH S373 Course Guide
  • MATH S373 Handbook
  • MATH S373 Computing Booklet
  • Mathcad software (Download version)
  • MATH S373 Course CD-ROM (CDR 1008)
  • Unit I.1 Introduction to iterative methods
  • Unit I.2 Systems of linear equations
  • Unit I.3 Ill-conditioning and induced instability
  • Unit I.4 Systems of non-linear equations
  • Unit I.5 Mathematical modelling
  • Unit II.1 Linear programming – the basic ideas
  • Unit II.2 Linear programming – the two-phase simplex method
  • Unit II.3 Integer programming
  • Unit II.4 Applications of linear and integer programming
  • Unit III.1 Minimizing a function of one or two variables
  • Unit III.2 Unconstrained non-linear optimization
  • Unit III.3 Constrained non-linear optimization
  • Unit III.4 Optimization problem-solving
Distribution date : 14/8/2024 - 24/9/2024