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Applying knowledge and research initiatives for social good

While HKMU has been committed to promoting impactful research in recent years, it would be even more meaningful if knowledge could be transferred and research results applied to benefit people's livelihoods and social development.

Setting up dedicated company and Patent Committee

The University therefore established a new company — HKMU Research Development and Consultancy Limited — in August 2022 to handle research commercialisation, patent management, start-up investment and product licensing, with the aim of swiftly applying HKMU's research advances in the real world. We also renamed the Office of Research Affairs as the Office of Research Affairs and Knowledge Transfer, which seeks to disseminate the knowledge generated at the University to the wider world. Meanwhile, we have taken a further step by setting up a new Patent Committee to set the direction for the commercialisation of patents and to assist staff and students with patent applications.

In December 2023, HKMU received its first batch of patents, marking an important milestone in the University's research development, although this is only the beginning. So far we have been granted six patents, covering information networks, traditional Chinese medicine authentication, building material and other fields.

HKMU Startup Fund launches

In addition, we are actively promoting an entrepreneurial culture in the HKMU community by encouraging staff, students and alumni to set up businesses to turn their innovative ideas into commercial products or solutions and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. In February, the University injected HK$50 million to launch the HKMU Startup Fund, which will offer each selected startup an investment of up to HK$1 million to help it launch and develop its business. Apart from financial aid, the University will provide a range of support activities and initiatives, such as consultation, seminars, training and workshops, mentorship and co-investment opportunities, to help the startups grow.