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Investing resources to support students' mental health

It is heartbreaking to see young people taking their own lives at their brightest moment. With the rising number of student suicide cases in Hong Kong, HKMU recognises the need to strengthen support for students' mental health and has decided to earmark over HK$10 million for the launch of a three-year University-wide scheme starting from the 2024/25 academic year.

HKMU Council Chairman Ir Dr Conrad Wong Tin-cheung, who initiated the scheme, says, “We hope to raise students' awareness of inner wellbeing, help them develop a positive mentality, and prevent crises by fostering knowledge and understanding.” The initiative will be implemented through three dimensions:

The scheme is complemented by the University's recently developed experiential learning model, Metro FAITH. “Based around virtues promoted by Western positive psychology and Eastern Confucian educational  concepts, the scheme is reengineered and integrated in accordance with modern social and technological developments. We aim to help students build a positive mindset, strengthen their resilience, and establish faith in their ability to face adversity in life,” explains President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing.


The letters of the acronym FAITH stand for five vital qualities that the University strives to instil into its students:

Future skills & intelligence
Aesthetics & spirituality
Igniting & sports
Temperance & justice
Humanity & love