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Campus expansion to support HKMU's robust development

In recent years, the University has seen a steady increase in student numbers and an expansion of research and knowledge transfer portfolios. Meanwhile, available space on campus has become scarcer. As we enter 2024 celebrating HKMU's 35th anniversary, we have received a series of exciting news regarding campus space expansion that will support the University's rapid future development.

Building a new academic complex

In January, we were exhilarated by the Town Planning Board's approval of our application for the use and development of a slope at the junction of Sheung Shing Street and Fat Kwong Street to build an academic complex. The 19-storey building will provide the University with a gross floor area of approximately 30,660 square metres. “As Hong Kong's population ages, community health development becomes particularly important,” says President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing. “We hope that the new complex will serve as a hub for community health and wellness while tackling the issue of insufficient campus space.” The next steps for the University are to apply for the grant of the site from the Government and commence the construction work, targeted to be completed by the third quarter of 2028.

Renting Homantin Plaza to set up a learning centre

Given that the land grant process and construction will take time, an immediate solution is needed for the imminent shortage of campus space. After searching for suitable locations and exploring various short- and long-term options, the University is pleased to announce its recent agreement with LINK to lease an area of approximately 6,600 square feet on the ground floor of Homantin Plaza. A learning centre will be set up at the venue until the new campus is ready for use. The learning centre, which will comprise several large- and medium-sized classrooms and a staff room for research students, is expected to open this September.

Establishing an Industrial Centre

Late last year, the University was awarded a grant of over HK$37 million from the Education Bureau's Enhancement and Start-up Grant Scheme for Self-financing Post-secondary Education to establish an Industrial Centre, develop a new programme and enhance the existing programmes to complement the Government's policy of promoting “new industrialisation” and nurturing talent for industry. The University is in the process of identifying a suitable site for the Industrial Centre. Upon completion, we will acquire market-standard facilities to provide quality training for students in engineering and information technology programmes.

More plans ready to go

Over the past year or so, the University has gradually relocated some administrative departments to a rented commercial building in Kwun Tong,freeing up more campus space for teaching and student activities. In addition, plans to acquire an off-campus property for a student hostel are also underway. To keep pace with the vigorous development in the years ahead, the University has made all-round preparations.