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Creative Arts Graduation Show 2023

This year's Creative Arts Graduation Show was held from 14 to 23 July with film producer Mr Gordon Lam and individual artist Mr Felix Ip being the officiating guests of the opening ceremony. Under the theme 'Imagination is your playground', graduates from five programmes explore their fantastic imagination and dreams by showcasing their infinite creativity in various types of artwork.

Animation and Visual Effects — Golden Sheep Road

Set in the future Metropolis of Animals, the animation presents the breathtaking adventure of two animal characters, a sheep and a fox. Embodying black comedy elements, Hui Cheuk-wing and Yau Hoi-yu's animation explores the reality behind fur trade and reveals the law of the jungle.

Creative Advertising and Media Design — Monster Energy

Ng Cheuk-him, Tam Wai-yan, Choi Yung-yung, Chung Ho-wai and Liu Tsz-ching designed an advergame for the energy drink Monster Energy to enhance users' experience of the brand through interactive games, advertising videos and social media challenges.

Creative Writing and Film Arts — In the Gaze of a Second

Yeung Lap-zhing, Tse Tsz-man, Leung Tak-yip and Chu Ching-man produced a film about a secondary school boy's encounter with a girl who, despite having amblyopia, is devoted to photography. Unfortunately, they are separated by an accident. After many years, the boy finally faces his past and tries to look for a new direction in life.

Computing and Interactive Entertainment — Gesture Racer

Adopting mixed reality (MR) technology, Lam Tsz-fung, So Yuen-kak, Wong Wai-hin and Kam Ho-fai created a racing game in which the players can see virtual game elements displayed in reality by wearing MR glasses. Players can then use hand gestures to remotely control the mini-car in the real world.

Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art — I am the Reflection in You

Wu Lok-hang presents an art installation in which two persons from different time zones and cities stand in front of a camera and connect with each other through movements and language. They also engage with the audience from time to time to explore the meaning of 'presence'.