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HKMU embarks on university-wide

Academic Reform

Developing quality education has always been the priority for HKMU. While we are constantly updating our curriculum and introducing new programmes to meet the demands of society, we also recognise the need to align our curriculum with common local and global practices to enhance our competitiveness. To achieve the goal, we are undertaking an Academic Reform exercise which will see the University's courses remapped under a three-credit-unit denomination framework.

The exercise will be implemented across the University from the 2023–2024 academic year, with all programmes on offer being transferred from a five-credit system to a three-credit-unit denomination framework within five years. 'The Academic Reform will bring our credit system in line with those of more local and overseas universities, facilitating credit transfers and exemptions. The reform will also facilitate internationalisation and student mobility,' Provost Prof. Reggie Kwan Ching-ping says.

As part of the Academic Reform, we are also reviewing and updating the content and organisation of our curriculum to better meet the needs of the times. Prof. Kwan further explains, 'The restructuring of the curriculum will provide students with greater flexibility to participate in more learning activities in addition to their major fields of study. We expect our students to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their cross-disciplinary knowledge, broaden their horizons and become more competitive in the workplace.'

The new curriculum structure also includes the University's Core Values modules to help students become professionals with high moral standards and responsible citizens. Launched in the last academic year, the modules are based on the four core values of the University — integrity, fairness, perseverance and innovation — and draw on real-life examples to illustrate how these core values are relevant to our daily lives.

Students' feedback and expectations

'The assignments for a 5-credit course are relatively extensive, which I find quite stressful. After the reform, the content of each course will be more concise and precise, and I hope that we can better manage our study and benefit more from it.'

'The issue of integrity discussed in the University Core Values modules really gave me food for thought.'

'I often hear friends from other universities talk about their choices of electives. It seems to me that the knowledge they’ve picked up is more diverse by comparison, so I'm looking forward to the reform.'

'I didn’t think the University Core Values modules would be very useful before I took them. Unexpectedly, I learnt quite a lot of legal knowledge.'