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Learning beyond the classroom

Getting ready for the workplace

Learning beyond the classroom

Getting ready for the workplace

The Student Affairs Office has been organising various career education programmes to help students explore their career interests and prepare themselves for joining the workforce. Among them is the Fountain of Knowledge (FoK) programme, which aims to enrich students' learning beyond the classroom through a wide range of non-academic activities that help broaden their horizons, enhance their language skills and expand their personal networks. Meanwhile, the Student Ambassador programme seeks to recruit passionate students to lead different roles in key University events, while developing their interpersonal and leadership skills as well as career readiness competencies through a series of training workshops.

During this academic year, a total of eight FoK activities were held with themes covering Halloween, the World Cup, Chinese martial arts, cuisine culture and company visits. The Student Ambassadors took different positions in each activity and played a major role in event design, planning and implementation. During the process, they learnt from professionals in various fields, developed their organisational and communication skills, and became familiar with different aspects of business etiquette. The highlight of the year was the Networking Dinner held on 14 April, where Ms Natalie Chung Sum-yue, a member of the HKSAR’s Green Tech Fund Assessment Committee, was invited to share her experience in an expedition to Antarctica, marking a perfect end to the FoK programme.

Bobo Chong Nga-yee, Nursing Studies (General Health Care)

The coordination work of Meaning Behind Cuisine is the most memorable and beneficial to me. From designing the event rundown, planning the workflow and arranging the logistics, to writing the MC scripts and receiving guests, every detail was taken care of by our group of student ambassadors. This experience helped a lot in honing my communication and organisational skills.

Chloe Lam Hei-tung, Nursing Studies (General Health Care)

I was the master of ceremonies (MC) for the cuisine culture event and the Networking Dinner. This authentic experience allowed me to practise the emceeing skills I learnt from the workshop, such as creating the right vibe and responding quickly on the spot. Later I even got the chance to serve as the MC of Talk of the Metropolis, which was an eye-opener and a real honour for me.

Wong Wing-yan, Food Testing Science

I was delighted to be selected to video and photograph six of the events and be involved in the subsequent editing work, which gave me a great confidence boost. I'm a bit of an introvert and taking part in these events allowed me to meet a lot of people and make new friends. This not only helped widen my social circle but also improve my communication skills.