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With her invention “Brain Computer Interface Feedback System for Dementia Patients”, Electronic and Computer Engineering student Ramsha Minhaj was awarded the Third Prize in the 9th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Information Technology Category) organised by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association

Kelly Kit Lam Chan, Year 4 student of the Computer Engineering programme (Full-Time), won the Gold Award of The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2023 (HKSAR). Her project, VR Metaverse in Kowloon City, aims to preserve the old Kowloon city, promote historical building preservation, and through education to let students understand history through Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and make learning more interesting. Her project demonstrated how VR, AR and social network can facilitate heritage preservation and education, and the promotion of sustainable development goals for sustainable cities and communities.

The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Cyber and Computer Security (Year 3 Entry) is a two-year programme for graduates of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in information security, cyber security or related areas. It aims to provide students with a solid foundation in cyber security, networking, and computer engineering, as well as specialized knowledge in advanced topics, including digital forensics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Engineering is a two-year programme for graduates of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in computer engineering or related areas. Students are required to complete 80 credits. The programme provides an early exit option to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree on completion of all courses, including Year 3 course. This programme covers the software and hardware that make up a computer system, with courses in specialized areas focusing on computer systems design, multimedia processing and computer networking.

The School of Science and Technology of Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) and HKT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today (2 February) to foster innovative collaboration, research and talent development, paving the way for the sustainable development of the ICT industry in Hong Kong.

Emma Xinrong Hu, Year 3 student of the Electronic and Computer Engineering programme (Full-Time), was selected as one of the awardee of the IET Prize Award 2022 in recognition of her outstanding performance in academic results and active engagement in extra-curricular activities, engineering institution and community service. The awardee was granted a certificate, a cash prize of HKD3,000 and a complimentary student membership of the IET for one year.

The HKMU School of Science and Technology (S&T) has been making great efforts to extend its industry networks. On 6 December, it concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading high-end security and IoT solutions provider Integrated Corporation.

This B.Sc. (Hons) in Cyber & Computer Security is a four-year honours degree programme aims to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge in hardware, software, infrastructure, and professional practices in cyber security. It covers specialized topics in Digital Forensics, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Network Security, AI, Ethical Hacking, IoT Security, Biomedical, Informatics, Communications Systems, Routing & Switching, Advanced, Computer Design, Computer Architecture, Programming, Statistics, Operating System, Wireless Networks, Embedded Systems...

This B.Sc. (Hons) in Electronic & Computer Engineering is a four-year honours degree programme aims to equip students with the academic knowledge necessary for a professional engineer in the fields of electronic engineering and computer engineering. It covers specialized topics in High Performance Computer Design, Wireless Communication, Digital Multimedia, Signal Processing, Biomedical Technologies, Computer Network, Mobile Application Development...

A group of 5 HKT Commercial Group officials visited HKMU on 12 July 2022 for discussing long term collaborations in a number of areas including talent recruitment, career talks, internship arrangement, alumni engagement, final year project collaboration and research project collaboration.

PEGA is a low-code development platform that helps create applications for customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM). A two-week training workshop was provided by PEGA on 4-15 July 2022 in HKMU.

HKMU students were invited to a career talk offered exclusively for them by HKT on 1 June. A group of about 60 Electronic and Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence final year students led by 10 academic staff of the above programmes visited HKT Commercial Group at PCCW Tower, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay.

Awardees and Programmes: LAU Yu Him Dicky, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Financial Technology and Innovation VASANDANI Nimisha Haresh, Bachelor …

B.Sc. (Hons) in Cyber and Computer Security is a two-year programme for holders of related Higher Diploma or Associate Degree. The programme covers specialized topics in cyber security, digital forensics, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, cloud computing, and AI.

A group of 17 electronic and computer engineering students and staff visited the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) Education Path on 28 November 2019. In the guided tour, EMSD staff introduced their organization and responsibility, as well as various innovative green building technologies used in the EMSD HQ. These included 3 exhibition areas and over 2000 rooftop photovoltaic panels.

This study tour was organized by the Electronics and Computer Engineering Team and supported by the IEEE OUHK Student Branch. The study tour was sponsored by the Subsidy Scheme for International Exchanges (OUIE) and Reaching Out Award (ROA). Objectives were to provide students of OUHK with the opportunity to ...

This is the Orientation Day for Computer and Electronic Engineering Students (JS9720 and BSCHCEF3). Organised by Engineering Society, OUHKSU

A group of 25 electronic and computer engineering students and staff visited the headquarters of Government Flying Service (GFS) on 24 May 2019. In the guided tour, GFS staff introduced their work domain and responsibility...

Study Tour to Guangzhou 2019 was organized by the Electronic & Computer Engineering Team and supported by the IEEE OUHK Student Branch. The tour was sponsored by the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ltd. – Winnie Ko Student Exchange Fund. The group visited various places, including Huaqiangbei (華強北), Seg Plaza (赛格广场), SegMaker Space (赛格众创空间), 順德大盤魚, 南沙漁村, 福林農莊, numerous laboratories in the Guangdong University of Technology (广东工业大学), and Guangdong Science Centre...

Students from engineering had a technical visit to the Ngong Ping Sewage Treatment Work (NPSTW) on 1 February 2019. Led by the staff of NPSTW, the group visited the...

Jonathan Chiu
Marketing Director
3DP Technology Limited

Jonathan handles all external affairs include business development, patents write up and public relations. He is frequently interviewed by media and is considered a pioneer in 3D printing products.

Krutz Cheuk
Biomedical Engineer
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

After graduating from OUHK, Krutz obtained an M.Sc. in Engineering Management from CityU. He is now completing his second master degree, M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, at CUHK. Krutz has a wide range of working experience. He has been with Siemens, VTech, and PCCW.

Hugo Leung
Software and Hardware Engineer
Innovation Team Company Limited

Hugo Leung Wai-yin, who graduated from his four-year programme in 2015, won the Best Paper Award for his ‘intelligent pill-dispenser’ design at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering’s International Conference on Consumer Electronics – China 2015.

The pill-dispenser alerts patients via sound and LED flashes to pre-set dosage and time intervals. Unlike units currently on the market, Hugo’s design connects to any mobile phone globally. In explaining how it works, he said: ‘There are three layers in the portable pillbox. The lowest level is a controller with various devices which can be connected to mobile phones in remote locations. Patients are alerted by a sound alarm and flashes. Should they fail to follow their prescribed regime, data can be sent via SMS to relatives and friends for follow up.’ The pill-dispenser has four medicine slots, plus a back-up with a LED alert, topped by a 500ml water bottle. It took Hugo three months of research and coding to complete his design, but he feels it was worth all his time and effort.

Hugo’s public examination results were disappointing and he was at a loss about his future before enrolling at the OUHK, which he now realizes was a major turning point in his life. He is grateful for the OUHK’s learning environment, its industry links and the positive guidance and encouragement from his teachers. The University is now exploring the commercial potential of his design with a pharmaceutical company. He hopes that this will benefit the elderly and chronically ill, as well as the society at large.

Soon after completing his studies, Hugo joined an automation technology company as an assistant engineer. He is responsible for the design and development of automation devices. The target is to minimize human labor and increase the quality of products. He is developing products which are used in various sections, including healthcare, manufacturing and consumer electronics.

Course Code Title Credits
  COMP S321F Advanced Database and Data Warehousing 5
  COMP S333F Advanced Programming and AI Algorithms 5
  COMP S351F Software Project Management 5
  COMP S362F Concurrent and Network Programming 5
  COMP S363F Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing 5
  COMP S382F Data Mining and Analytics 5
  COMP S390F Creative Programming for Games 5
  COMP S492F Machine Learning 5
  ELEC S305F Computer Networking 5
  ELEC S348F IOT Security 5
  ELEC S371F Digital Forensics 5
  ELEC S431F Blockchain Technologies 5
  ELEC S425F Computer and Network Security 5
 Course CodeTitleCredits
 ELEC S201FBasic Electronics5
 IT S290FHuman Computer Interaction & User Experience Design5
 STAT S251FStatistical Data Analysis5
 Course CodeTitleCredits
 COMPS333FAdvanced Programming and AI Algorithms5
 COMPS362FConcurrent and Network Programming5
 COMPS363FDistributed Systems and Parallel Computing5
 COMPS380FWeb Applications: Design and Development5
 COMPS381FServer-side Technologies and Cloud Computing5
 COMPS382FData Mining and Analytics5
 COMPS390FCreative Programming for Games5
 COMPS413FApplication Design and Development for Mobile Devices5
 COMPS492FMachine Learning5
 ELECS305FComputer Networking5
 ELECS363FAdvanced Computer Design5
 ELECS425FComputer and Network Security5