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The University provides financial and other support to student-related activities organized by the Student Societies. The Committee on Student Affairs (CSA) (Student login is required) is the standing committee to administer the granting of resources to support student activities and matters relating to the provision and use of facilities and services for students. Students who are interested in setting up Student Societies and organizing student activities should refer to details in the Manual for Student Organisations and submit relevant applications to SAO.

Manual for Student Organisations in 2021 (Student login is required)
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For proposed student societies:
Application for Setting up a Student Society and HKMU Recognition

Activity Funding Year 2022
1st round: 16 July 2021
2nd round: 21 January 2022

Activity Funding Year 2023
1st round: 15 July 2022
2nd round: 27 January 2023

Form_Proposed soc.xlsx
Form_Proposed soc.pdf


Sample of Consent Form for Student Organisations to collect, use or provide personal data for carrying out direct marketing activities

Appendix I.docx

Appendix I.pdf

Application for Support and Funding for Student Activities 
For existing societies:
Via “SMS” online system

For proposed societies:
Form S_FA.xls

Form S_FA.pdf


Activity Report and Reimbursement Claim
Via “SMS” online system


Report on the Acceptance of Donation / Sponsorship by Student Societies of the HKMU

Form S_SD.docx

Form S_SD.pdf

Rental of Venues at HKMU
Appendix 1.pdf
Booking of HKMU Venues
Appendix 2.pdf

Application for Promotion and Posting up Information for Student Activities
Via “SMS” online system