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The Student Affairs Office (SAO) values the importance of international exposure. We strive to create more study abroad opportunities for our students by partnering with renowned education institutions in mainland China and other counties.

Every year, we arrange a number of study tours and short-term exchange programmes. Participating students will benefit from the journeys by knowing more about the culture, educational system, social-economic development and technological advancement of the destination. Most importantly, students can gain valuable experiences by interacting with local people who come from diverse backgrounds and acquiring knowledge that could not be learnt from textbooks and classroom learning!

Exchange and Study Tours in overseas countries

Apart from visits to mainland China, SAO also actively looks for overseas learning opportunities for our students. By leveraging different funding offered by the HKSAR government and external organizations, we ensure that our students can take part in overseas study tours at a reasonable price. Destinations of our past trips include New Zealand (2022), Hungary (2019), Poland (2019), Russia (2019), Sri Lanka (2018), etc. These trips do not merely allow students to develop a more well-rounded global mindset but also offer a precious opportunity for them to make new friends from different parts of the world.

Student Testimonials

I really enjoyed the Study Tour to New Zealand and I am grateful to be one of the participants. Thanks to HKMU for making the impossible possible and ensuring a smooth journey from departure for New Zealand to quarantine in the HK hotel. Without the support from HKMU and the person in charge of this tour, we would not have all these amazing and memorable moments in New Zealand.

Bobo Chong, General Nursing - Year 1

Participant of New Zealand Study Tour 2022

The New Zealand Study Tour has been such a memorable and fascinating journey. The skills that I learned during this tour are beneficial towards my soft skills development and career pathway upon graduation.

Brain Lee, Data Science - Year 2

Participant of New Zealand Study Tour 2022

Immersing in an English-speaking environment for 2 weeks, my English level has improved. I am more confident to share my thoughts with foreigners, which improves my employability. Big thanks to SAO for planning this trip and confirming everything runs smoothly.

Rachel Man, General Nursing - Year 1

Participant of New Zealand Study Tour 2022

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