Learning Opportunities in Mainland China

Student Affairs Office Global Learning Experience Learning Opportunities in Mainland China

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) values the importance of international exposure. We strive to create more study abroad opportunities for our students by partnering with renowned education institutions in mainland China and other counties.

Every year, we arrange a number of study tours and short-term exchange programmes. Participating students will benefit from the journeys by knowing more about the culture, educational system, social-economic development and technological advancement of the destination. Most importantly, students can gain valuable experiences by interacting with local people who come from diverse backgrounds and acquiring knowledge that could not be learnt from textbooks and classroom learning!

Exchange and Study Tours in mainland China

Our office organizes various cultural and educational exchange activities in collaboration with universities in mainland China during the semester break. The duration of these exchange programmes is generally from 5 days to 14 days. Many of these activities are supported by the Ministry of Education of mainland China and participants only need to be responsible for the travelling expenses and insurance. All land costs in the designated city will normally be borne by the host institution.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and global travel restrictions, our study tours would be resumed when situations allow.
Group Personal Accident Insurance

The University has a group personal accident insurance policy for all students participating in university or student activities.
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