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MC Kick-off Workshop

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Welcome to all new MetroChallenge Awardees.

9 winning student and alumni teams are receiving guidance and support from HKMU SAO and HKAI Lab to start their entrepreneurship journey.

Entrepreneurship Day 2023

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The first “Entrepreneurship Day” provides a platform for its students and alumni to connect and exchange ideas with experienced entrepreneurs. At the event, HKMU also announced the results of its entrepreneurship programme, “MetroChallenge”.

Each of the 9 winning student and alumni teams will receive a HK$100,000 implementation fund to execute their entrepreneurship project.

Secrets of Market Masters

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Freeture Concept HK held the workshop to share information and techniques to students for participating in the bazaar.

Mushroom Kit Workshop and Guided Tour

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Teachers and students from HKMU visited Urban Mushroom HK to learn about the operation of the mushroom farm and gain experience in mushroom production in Hong Kong.

Chat-bot Design Training Course on 8 Mar 2022 聊天機器人對答系統設計課

Have you ever thought that in the process of project preparation, there are actually more than 70% of the steps that you can do without your own hands?
In the Chat-bot training workshop, students have learnt how to integrate Chat-bot technology to create a more immediate interactive experience for future customers, as well as to save unexpected manpower and working time. The use of technology will make their business work and activities more automated and efficient!

Entrepreneurship Skills Training Day on 6 Dec 2021 設計思維及精益創業培訓日

What is “Entrepreneurship”? Can I start a business?
As one of the activities of MetroChallenge, the training day introduced concepts to the students who are interested in having their own business. We surely found some inspiring ideas about “Design Thinking” and “Lean Startup”. Entrepreneurs were invited to share their experience in the “human library” as well.

Funs on the Social Media & Technology Entrepreneurship BootCamp on 10 Nov 2021!

Students were invited to experience how was it like for young entrepreneurs to attend training workshops as well as lunch networking events in a hotel setting. We have learned the ways of creating effective and attractive content of Instagram posts, the key of social media marketing and brand building. 
As one of the activities of MetroChallenge, the Bootcamp has stimulated students' ideas towards entrepreneurship, as well as provided chances for them to experience technological advancement in the 21st century. 
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We visited the Microsoft HK Office in Cyberport on 2 Nov 2021!

Students have been given advice on how to get prepared for a career in new normal, and how “Microsoft Learn” helps students to become proficient in Microsoft technologies. Also, we had a chance to experience how innovation reshapes the future of humankind, it was such a wonderful office visit!