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Translate the innovative ideas into Viable Operation
Get up to HK$100,000 Implementation Fund
Visit Overseas Social Enterprise
Exchange Ideas with Local Entrepreneurs
Turn Knowledge into Real Life Innovations
Inspire students' Innovation Via "Experience" and Empower"

About Metrochallenge

Metrochallenge is a brand-new endeavor launched in 2017 aiming to unleash our student’s creativity; turn their knowledge acquired in the classroom into real life innovations; and enhance students’ entrepreneurial skills to translate their innovative ideas into viable operation for profit and for social good ……

Programme Details


Entrepreneurship Workshops & Local Tours
Entrepreneurial Skills Training Day
Virtual Innovation Tour
Entrepreneurship Talks
$100,000 Implementation Fund
No quota limit for awarded projects--- it could be 7, 10 or more teams!

Translate the innovative ideas "into viable operation" for profit or for social good

Set Me Free
We truly thank HKMU for offering MetroChallenge programme, which has given us a chance to be an entrepreneur. HKMU understood that our business was only at start-up stage, so we were assigned an advisor who could provide coaching and guidance, and offer business advice to us to improve our project.
Kenny @ Jobegin
I have benefited from participating in the creation of a social order and I have gained valuable entrepreneurial and business knowledge.
Kiddy Imagination
Thank you, Open University, for giving us the opportunity to practice our dreams. We hope to help more students in need and help their personal growth and development
Erin @ Fruit Peels Family
The project was established in 2014 and has been in operation for five years. It has been operating for some time due to some changes. I felt pity at the time but I couldn't help it. Fortunately, the school was preparing for the OIC competition, which allowed the project to continue and find new directions, so I was very grateful.

MetroChallenge makes your dreams come true

Application for 2023/24 will start soon!

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