Learning Success Programme

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The “Learning Success Programme” aims to support you in different areas which are closely related to your academic pursuit, personal growth and professional development and the ultimate objective is to equip students to become independent and effective learners.

A series of learning success workshops focusing on attitude, motivation, learning styles and strategies, personalities and study skills will be provided.

You may also meet with our SAO advisors to receive “Learning Success Advising” in adjusting to university life, setting your specific goals and devising action plans to achieve them by identifying personal issues and providing information, resources and referrals.

Upon completion of the training and individual consultations, students will be able to:

  • review their current learning strategies and styles;
  • acquire knowledge and skills which are useful and applicable to their studies;
  • formulate new strategies & styles in their study plan; and
  • set realistic goals for study.


Tel.: 2768-6774  |  email: saolees@hkmu.edu.hk